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Best tips for the first date :

If the boy or the girl you die for is able to go on a date at last, you should absolutely plan carefully you first date, well that is if you want to have more than one date with that so special person. Your first date to be a total success it is highly recommendable to have a lot of ideas about the places and activities you can do along that person so that way the both of you can will spend a really nice moment together.

If you do not want to make any mistake on your first date, then it is highly necessary to make some research about the taste and likes of the girl or boy we want to date with. To do this, we must observe and ask for some recommendations to the closest friends and maybe to the family. By gathering this kind of information it will be easier to choose the kind of place you should go.

In the following paragraphs you will find some good advices and ideas for the first date. It will be up to you to choose the right place, but remember to keep in mind the taste and like of your date:

– A pub club or restaurant: A lot of people like to choose these kinds of places for their first date, but we recommend going to these places only if you know your date very well or at least you two were already on a date, otherwise it will be really an awkward situation. Actually the good thing of these kinds of places is that the both of you can keep chatting without any interruption.

– A walk on the beach: This place is kind of perfect if we want a totally romantic date. But it is highly necessary that your girl is dressed according to the place, otherwise she will not enjoy fully of the journey. You also must keep in mind the day, because on certain days there are a lot of children running wild on the beach and this can totally ruin the moment.

– A nice picnic at the park: This is a magnificent idea; actually many women love this kind of idea. The first we must do will be… well, looking for the right park, don’t you think? In other words, it must be quiet, simple but nice; of course it must be clean. Remember that women love to be in contact with the natural environment.

– Going for a cup of coffee or ice cream: If you know it will be kind of a short date, and if you want to take advantage of each minute with your date, then this is the best bet, of course it will depend of the taste and like of the other person.

– Going to a shopping center: Here you may find many options like restaurants, coffee shops, games, movies etc. it is perfect if you want your dates to have no end.

– The disco: If you have invited your date to dance for a while, that certainly means that you already know the dance is one of her or his hobbies. But it is also very important that you have some skills on the dance floor, otherwise you will be out of the list.

– A concert: If you know about any singer or group your date like the most, then do not lose the chance to conquer her heart by going to a really nice concert to listen some music. Well, if it is about a first date, it is highly recommendable to get some good tickets (V.I.P is the winner bet) otherwise both will be too tired to do some talk.

– Some sport activities: If the case is that a girl is inviting a boy, then it is a great idea to invite him to watch a game where his favorite team is playing at. If you do not know much about the sport you are already watching, like soccer for example, then it is better to keep it quiet for a little and just talk in the middle time or after the dinner.

– Going to the movies or the theater: If you are thinking about any of these two places, then it is better to plan another activity besides any of those, because either the movies or the theater is a good place to talk of something nice. In any case, it is better that your date chooses the movies or the activity.

These are some ideas for your first date, anyways there are a lot of places to go besides those mentioned before like the art galleries, museums, zoos, attractions park etc. but at last, it will depend on you and the attitude of you date to choose the right one. Just remember to have fun and make the other person to have real fun if you want to have a second date.

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