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Christmas is a very special date plenty of symbolisms, we must not to forget that the best gift that God has given to us is being alive. God will protect us every instant of our lives, and for this we must be grateful.
Maybe it can be complicated because we have a lot of things to give thanks for, even when your want to do it, sometimes is a little large, for this we have created many phrases of thanks to say it in Christmas. What must predominate in these holidays is the grateful spirit, if you want to do it in public or in your heart you can use any of these phrases as your status:
Free list of beautiful Christmas messages:
:: “In these holidays, I only want to give thanks to God for the wonderful family that I have, for the blessings that he has given to me in every moment and for being healthy, thanks for the job that I have and for being a person very blessed. Thanks for all, Merry Christmas”.
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:: “Life sometimes gives things and then take it off, I had sad moments but now is Christmas, I want to give thanks to my friends for his company, but without their help and the affection that I could lost. Thanks and God protect every one of you”.
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:: “Never is too late to give thanks for the blessings that have been spilled on us, be thankful instead of complain every moment because of the vicissitudes of life. In these wonderful holidays I want to give thanks to Jesus for loving me so much, for giving me his help, thanks dear God for everything”.
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:: “To all the people who are here and who are far, I just want to say thanks for the happiness that I have now because of each one of you. I’m very blessed of having you in my life, have a nice Christmas”.
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:: “Christmas is a moment of peace and union, besides of realize that we have the love of many people among friends and family. The magic of Christmas is giving thanks to God for all the things that we posses. Happy Christmas eve”.
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:: “Thanks dear God for this wonderful Christmas date, I want to be grateful with you for the life first, for the air I breath, for the food that I have in my table. Has been a little complicated but was worth because I am at the side of my family enjoying of these holidays. Merry Christmas for everybody”.
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Christmas is vital for many people on earth, is a time of giving thanks to God for life, for all the things that happen to us, there are thousands of things to give thanks for, don’t live complaining about the problems, be happy with the things we posses. We have a lot of phrases and messages for you about love, friendship and special dates. Come back soon.
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