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Now a days, in order to take undergraduate studies it is not necessary to do so in person. Due to the information technology and communication like the internet it is possible to overcome distances and study the career of your preference from wherever you are.
Many universities have or are preparing to offer virtual careers for students to learn from the comfort of their homes. In Mexico there are already many high education institutions offering various virtual programs for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.
Such programs are as valid as the regular ones and therefore the number of students opting for them is increasing. In here you will be able to find the universities that are offering the virtual programs in Mexico.
This prestigious institution is one of the universities that offer virtual undergraduate programs. This institution has developed a student oriented approach as its agent since it offers various tools and resources to the students which will help them in their learning.
EAN offers its students the following virtual undergraduate professional programs: Marketing, Business Administration, Management, Cultural Studies and Modern Languages. For more information please visit their web portal:
The UVEG (Universidad Virtual del Estado de Guanajuato), as its name implies, is aimed towards virtual education and for this reason its education system is one of the most modern and flexible in the country. Note that because of this it is possible that students take virtual classes the day and time that works for them the best.
Within the careers the UVEG has to offer, the most remarkable ones are: Engineering management of information technology, financial management, e-business management and more. For more information you can log into their portal at
Talking in terms of virtual education, this virtual university is one of the most prestigious in the country, and it counts with a methodology designed specifically so that students can take their careers classes from their homes or offices and thus achieve the goals tailored to their needs.
The virtual programs that this University offers are: Administration, Psychology, International Trade, Law, Education and Marketing. Additionally students can study several languages in this institution, such as English, German, Italian and others. To learn more about this university, you can check their website at
The UVA (Universidad Virtual Anáhuac) has virtual careers for graduate and undergraduate students for which it has designed a virtual platform that allows students have at hand tools and resources that will help with their professional formation.
Through your PC or any device with an internet connection students can log into their classes and also have at their disposal all kinds of video and interactive material that ensures their learning. For more details go to:
The UVHM (Universidad Virtual Hispánica de México) makes available to its students virtual careers through its online platform through which content and educational resources are handled and student performance is assessed. It should be noted that each student has a counselor who will help him make progress with his career.
In this university you will find Psychology, Advertising, Law and Communication Sciences, among other careers. For information you can visit their website at:
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