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Good performance letter :

Recognizing the good performance of the workers of a company is actually a good way to motivate them to keep the good work with enthusiasm and security and also to develop their daily activities with quality, so that way they achieve positive results for the company. The recognition to the workers can be done through a letter of thanks which will be sent to each worker, by the way it must be well- written and distributed among the employees.

The current books about companies say that the success of a company or an organization is not only thanks to the person who manage it but to the people working for the same objective at the company, especially those professional people and their knowledge and contributions which allow the company to reach all those great goals and achievements.

Every company has been built by a great number of professional people who are divided in many areas of the company like: administrative area (where we can find the administrators, accountants, economists and lawyers), productive area (where we find the civic architects and engineers, electronics etc). If we talk about a company which works with the health, then the professional people working there will be doctors, nurses, dentists, surgeons etc. in other words, the number of professional people will depend on the kind of sector chosen by the company.

Well then, every business man must establish a policy of human resources to recognize those workers who reached any important achievement or goals for the company. Between the actions to award this recognition we can choose to write a nice letter to thanks for all the achievement and contribution to the company. This corporative action has as objective to inform the worker about his great and successful performing on the daily activities and the company recognizes it the best way possible.

Many companies send a lot of letters to their workers, but just when the workers are not doing a good job or maybe because they have committed some kind of fault, this is because the company considers that a worker does not need any kind of recognition for his good job or contribution because the company pays them for that. However we must keep in mind that every person likes to be recognized as a good worker once in a while.

A great proof of the importance of recognizing the contributions of a worker is the look on his face when his receives a letter saying thanks for the efforts and the good work, it is a happy face and it is really irreplaceable. Likewise, after that action, you will note about the enthusiasm of the worker to perform an even better good work than before.

Likewise, we must say that this way of recognizing a worker is the cheapest for every business man, because it just needs some paper, a good writing and will to recognize the good performance of a worker. The result of taking this kind of action will be even bigger, because the worker will keep the good worker everyday to improve the production for the company. It is also important to mention that it is not necessary to write and print this letter with a computer. Speaking of which, it will be better if the general manager or the director of the company writes the letter with his own hand, this way the letter will have a great meaning for the worker, because he will feel like the thanks and the recognition are specifically for him and nobody else.

Next we will show you an example of a letter to say thanks and recognize the good worker:
(Here goes the day, month and year)

Mr. Engineer Paul Reves

Dear engineer: 

Since there are just a few days to finish the year and analyzing the achievements reached by this company managed humbly by me, I do not want to lose the opportunity to recognize an excellent worker as you are because you were the key to accomplish the goals marked by this company.

Your performance in our company was even better than we expected, for that reason we would like to count with your services and your knowledge in the future.

Without anything else to add by the moment, I repeat our thanks and recognition.


Engineer Mark Gere

General Manager

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