Last modified 10/09/2023

How to apply for temporal jobs in Australia: Requirements

australia1The temporal visas are the ones that allow access to temporal jobs, as long as the immigrant has been sponsored by a company, regional state or territory, and manages to gather the age, experience and studies requirements, and also have a good health and behavior records.

Unlike the immigrants who require a permanent visa, those who wish to apply their visa application for a skilled temporal job, must be required by a company, regional state or territory, which shows disposition towards sponsoring them when arriving to Australia by hiring them.

The Australian Government, looking to promote the population of different states and territories, has established the Temporal Regional Migration Program, which is the country’s most important temporal job program. The most important existent temporal visas are the ones known as the Skilled Regional Sponsored and the Skilled Migration Independent Visa, which are both destined to immigrants.

The temporal job visa, is a work permission given by the Australian Government for a period of less of 4 years, but it could be given for an even shorter period of time, according to the period indicated in the work contract signed between the sponsor and the immigrant worker.

People who wish to migrate to Australia with a temporal visa must be able to demonstrate that they have performed their technical studies or university studies, because the tasks that they will develop are officially known as “skilled jobs”. The minimum time required in any of these studies must be of, at least, three years.

Regarding the work experience, the immigrant will also have to prove that he or she has a minimum work experience of three years in the same type of functions or tasks that he or she pretends to be hired to perform in Australia.

Having the requirements listed in the paragraphs above to access to the temporal visa will be useless if the immigrant has health problems or troubles with the law, which are very important additional requirements for the Australian society.

Having a chronic or permanent disease will affect the life condition of the immigrant who wishes to go to Australia, because of the time of its visa, which does not provide him or her with access to the public health system, seeing he or she forced to hire private insurance policies, whose treatment costs in this type of diseases are very high, due to the fact that the medic care in Australia does not receive any subsidy at all from the Australian Government.

It is even worse if the immigrant suffers from any type of infect contagious disease, because in that case he or she will not be accepted, because his or her condition will jeopardize the health of the whole Australian population. The result could mean that not only the immigrant is rejected, but his or her whole family group.

Also, having criminal record or bad conduct antecedents will generate rejection from the Australian authorities, because it could mean the potential increase of the organized delinquency.

Summing up, we could say that accessing to temporal jobs in Australia requires that the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, in the first place, approves the sponsor company, the job position and the need of hiring an immigrant; and, in the second place, to verify that the applicant to immigrant gathers the requirements needed by the job position.

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