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Life of immigrant in australia,Australia,Jobs in Australia,Migration to Australia,Work in Australia,Australia visa,Australian residentLiving in Australia :

The life of an immigrant in any of the Australian cities is filled with comforts and safety, which allows them to feel adapted to their new lives in Australia; but, as they gather between them, according to their places of origin, it is a little bit tougher to fully integrate with the Australian society, which, at the same time, is what is generating the fact that Australia is becoming a melting pot of languages and diverse costumes.

The question is always the same, which is the decision that pushes the immigrant to leave his or her country? And it has been demonstrated that the decision of migrating is related to the hope of having a better life than the one the person had in his or her country, the possibility of having best job opportunities and the respect to liberties given by a democratic society which respects its members, in other words, we can say that what the immigrants are looking for, is a new home.

Unlike other countries, the life of an immigrant in Australia is completely different to the one they have been having in their countries of origin, because to the fact that Australia has been acknowledged as one of the countries that has an splendid technological development and with a very high life quality, in which a multicultural society is integrated, to those facts, its beaches and diverse natural appealing are added up, which gives it a different dimension for those who come from under or less developed countries.

The immigrants will have to get used to a multiracial tolerant society and the government incentives them to keep the costumes that are inherent to their culture and, at the same time, respect towards the Australian costumes and following the Australian laws.

For all the reasons mentioned above, the life of an immigrant will not be easy, and it will be filled with bumps if he or she does not have a good command of the English language, because it will make it much tougher to find skilled jobs and better paid ones, to the ones obtained in the worker or cleaning factories. Many immigrants, who are aware of their condition of foreign, connect between each other, basically by geographic areas, such as Asia, Latin America, etc. these constitute great limitations in the establishment of social relationships with people from other languages or origins. In other words, the immigrants have adapted to the culture, but they have not integrated to it.

The execution of activities that are as simple as going to the bank, paying services or doing some shopping might turn really complicated if there is not an adequate development with the English language, because its command will make much easier to the immigrant to integrate and communicate in the Australian society.

However, the Australian reality is always forcing us to compare it with the realities in our cities of origin, in which we constantly find insecurity, chaos, pollution and mess; in Australia, on the other hand, we find order and security, the streets can be walked at any time of the day and even during the night, because their authorities take care of that.

Been a Permanent Resident, will allow the immigrant accessing to the free education service in the states of Victory and South Australia. The health care, in every case will be in charge of a private insurance company hired by the immigrant.

Regarding the life conditions offered in the Australian cities to the immigrant, they are all at the same level in matters of services and comforts, which easily satisfy all the immigrants. The only difference is the high life cost in the principal cities.

The immigrant in Australia knows that among the 20 most habitable cities of the world, 5 of them are Australian (Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane) because of their stability, health care, education system, good infrastructure, culture and environment.

For the immigrant, the public transport is conformed by buses, local trains and the ferry, which are affordable, because they allow them to move to any spot of the city in which he or she might be residing.

All the immigrants know that been a permanent resident they will have to subscribe themselves into the MEDICARE, to be able to have the benefits of the public health care and, in the case of the temporal immigrants, they will have to subscribe themselves into a private health insurance company, been able to select an attention plan that goes according to their health needs.

It is also advisable that the immigrant opens a bank account before he or she has been in the Australian territory for one month. The immigrant will have to present as part of the list of requirements his or her passport, valid visa to enter into Australia and a certified copy of his or her birth certificate with the purpose of proving his or her identity. Besides, he or she will have to present references from other banks or people.

It is necessary that the immigrant, before arriving to Australia, gets acknowledged to the life conditions that the resident population has, that will allow him or her dealing with better perspectives when he or she has to confront the process of incorporating into the Australian society. Which is why the immigrant will have to go to his or her family members and friends, as well as to the explanatory brochures that can be found in different languages and which can be found in the Department of Immigration and Citizenship’s web site:

The religious tolerance is an Australian society’s distinctive, for which a tolerant and respectful attitude towards the beliefs of your neighbors should be maintained.

Despite that in the last years, clear cases of discrimination have been presented; the Australian authorities are very drastic in the fulfillment of antidiscrimination laws.

It is possible, according to the customs laws, for the immigrant to be able to move to Australian territory with his or her own furniture.

You must not forget that during the first three months, you can use your international driver’s license, until you process the Australian driver’s license. Renting houses, means having to leave as a warranty a pre established amount of money; it is important to remember that renting can be very onerous.

The immigrant is forced to subscribe his or her children, whose age goes between the 5 and 15 years old, in the different schools that can be found in the Australian cities.

For many immigrants, living in Australia has meant for them to consider that it is worthy living Australian experience, much better than migrating to the United States or Canada.

Summing up, the immigrant in the Australian cities, in most cases, is adapted to the Australian life style, but is not integrated though.

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Life of immigrant in australia,Australia,Jobs in Australia,Migration to Australia,Work in Australia,Australia visa,Australian resident

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