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Download New God texts Since we are small, religious values to accept God as our creator and the creator of all that exists in the universe are instilled in us. They tell us that God is our protector, the one who blesses us with good fortune for us to find our way and the one …

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Download Free God Phrases for Facebook On many occasions the bustle of everyday life does not allow us to realize those blessings and miraculous events that happen to us on a daily basis. Opening your eyes to the sunrise is a miracle, having a happy and healthy family is a blessing, and returning to our …

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Download Free God phrases for WhatsApp God is always with us, even if we cannot see him. So do not pray or thank him for the blessings you have received to him all the time and although you only turn to him when you are experiencing any difficulty in your life, he will always be …

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Beautiful God phrases God is our loving Father who is in heaven, he is the one who created the entire universe, including our world and ourselves and so he feels a great love for all of us. He expects us to be able to repent for our sins and that we turn to Him with …

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