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What are the advantages to study a Marketing :

If you have not yet decided what to study, you cannot miss this article, because we will be addressing everything regarding the marketing career and how important it is in today´s world.

First, we must mention the meaning of marketing. It is related to all actions in a company aimed at satisfying the needs of its clients, consumers or users, and so increase its profits. This means marketing is a group of techniques that allow people and companies to achieve their aims.

It is a rather new profession, because until recently, people in charge of these activities were professionals in diverse fields, and even people wih no training or specialization. Currently, marketing is one of the most valued professions worldwide, as its role is basic for any company’s growth, small, medium or large.
Every company or business that wants to beat its competitors and have more clients needs marketing strategies, which can only be executed by experts in the field, that is, marketers.

Due to the importance of marketing in a company’s or organization’s future, studying it can be the best choice. We recommend the young undecided choose this career, because it is fundamental not only in business, but society as a whole.
Some of the main marketing activities are studying consumers’ tastes and preferences, researching their needs and persuading them to buy certain goods or services. The most used marketing techniques or strategies are advertising, product promotion, offers, sales among others. So, marketing involves planning, organization and carrying out actions regarding products, prices, offers and aftersale services.

Marketers are prepared to analyze, design and solve the needs of their customers or clients. They have enough knowledge to develop researches aiming at satisfying the requests of individuals or groups. Similarly, they can design and execute advertising and promotional projects.

Marketing professionals are currently in high demand and well paid everywhere, because there is an ever tougher competition among companies. Nowadays, marketers are in charge of increasing sales of a product or service. Therefore, they usually earn more when there are more sales and profits.

In short, studying marketing is a wise choice, as new companies open and new products are introduced every day, all of which require to be well positioned market-wise, and a marketer’s work is essential to achieve that.

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