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Advantages of studying to become a lawyer :

A lawyer’s work is fundamental in people’s lives because it is about defending justice. A lawyer is able to counsel people in legal issues, and defend them in a justice court. Those who want to become lawyers must study Law and join a bar association.

Law refers to laws and rules that determine people’s and society’s behaviors. Likewise, its reason for being allows to avoid conflicts among people or institutions (companies). Because of that, Law has an important role in society, justice being its main objective.

Those interested in becoming lawyers must know it is very important that they are willing to analyze human behaviour and to help those in serious trouble. It is also necessary they feel at ease speaking in public and they are good negotiators, that is they can persuade people do something in exchange for something else. Lawyers read and study constantly.

Young people who are not sociable, outgoing nor interested in listening and helping people should consider if they have a true vocation to become lawyers.
A good lawyer knows very well the laws and the rules that govern the society and the country they are in. There are several branches in Law: Civil, Criminal, Tax, Procedural, Administrative, Constitutional, Environmental, Labour, etc.
Young people should choose Law mainly because it allows to enforce people’s rights. Knowing the laws helps avoid legal or economic conflicts.

Everybody at some point is affected by some legal problem, and that is why it would be ideal for every family to have a lawyer among its members.
Although currently there are millions of lawyers in the world and many experts recommend choosing another career, this profession has the advantage that it can work in many fields. For example, law offices in public administration, companies, institutions, financial institutions, non-profit organizations and universities (as professors).

It is worth mentioning that many of these professionals are now specializing in an emerging issue: environment.

In short, studying to become a lawyer is a good decision, because it is a high-demand career in many work fields and all kinds of societies. We must bear in mind that everybody makes mistakes and nobody is free from having their rights affected, which is why at any moment we might need a person prepared to defend us, that is, a good lawyer.

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