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Google + & Social networks,How To Sign Up For Google's Social,social networking,Google Friend ConnectGoogle + & Social networks :

In the last three years, millions of people around the world signed in any social network. The success of social networks is due to the fact that people of all ages want to keep in contact with their friends and people with the same interests of them. There are social networks for all kind of users, in different languages and with different characteristics.

The most popular are facebook, twitter, Hi5, Flickr, tuenti and others. In June 2011, Google launched Google +, a social network that offers an easier way to stay in contact with your friends. In this article we’ll talk about Google + and social networks. We’ll see what they have in common and what some of their differences.

People :
– To sign in Google +, people have to be older than 18 years old. The reason is Google + is interested in getting people who can be identified completely.

– Other social networks such as facebook, twitter and MySpace don’t require users to be older than 18. This is the why most of teenagers and young people are signed in one or more of these social networks using different names in each one.

Chat :
– Once we are signed in Google +, we can talk to the people in our circle face to face. This is call “hangouts”. Video chat rooms allow a maximum of ten people who we can share the same information.

– Other social networks such as facebook, twitter and tuenti also have chat service but only with instant messages, not video chat. Despite Google +, conversations are separated, not in groups.

Information :
– The general information we upload to our Google + account is available for all of our contacts. However, photos and videos can be classified as available for some specific groups or “circles”. We can create “circles” for work friends, school friends, family and share relevant information to each one of these groups.

– In social networks such as facebook, twitter and Hi5 our general information is also available for all of our friends but despite Google +, photos and videos in our profile could be seen and commented for everyone in our network. A friend can see a picture of you and your family and comment about it. In these social networks, we can’t create “circles” but we can label the people we know (friends, colleagues, clients, partners, family and so on).

These are some of main the similarities and differences about Google + and the rest of social networks. Now depend of you to sign in one of them and contact your friends.

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