Last modified 01/25/2024

Programs to send SMS messages from your computer:

With the new cell phone models that are smaller every day, with little sensitivity in the touch screens, that make difficult to be able quickly text a message, it is more and more complicated to perform the simple task of sending text messages; because of this, people who do not possess the ability of pressing the small keys of a cell phone or in the touch screen quickly, will face hell. This is why it is better to do it from our portable computer or desktop.

In order to be able to obtain this, there are certain programs designed to send text messages by means of the computer, so is the case of the package of Microsoft Office that includes, in Microsoft Outlook, a complement to send SMS, it can be made in a similar way to sending a mail, but our GSM Cell phone must be plugged through the USB port, it also gives the option of doing it remotely, so that you do not have to walk with connected cables nor with adhered devices.

Another program that exists for sending messages is the SMS Officer. This is also a service provided by Microsoft Outlook that allows sending and receiving text messages, alerts and appointments programmed from your computer. This Program works in such way that it uses it like a server, without the necessity of using your mobile phone in the process, to use this service it is a requirement for you to be registered in, it does not have cost, when doing this you will receive free 10 SMS like credit, if you are interested in this service, you can use regularly by buying credit packages for messages.

Another very interesting program for sending messages is CoOL. This is a program developed for last generation cell phones (3G), it specializes in sending MMS and SMS messages from the computer to any cellular telephone, this tool is very versatile and practical, it owns the capacity of sending messages with images or customized melodies, in addition it is possible to use it as a contact  manager, to be able to share information with other users of the program, it is only required to be registered and then we will be able to use all these tasks for free. In order to be able to download it, follow this link:

Finally, there is the SMSXeon. This program allows sending messages through the network by means of the computer for free and without using its website, it is only necessary to install the program, between its numerous characteristics, it includes an agenda, it automatically completes the telephone numbers by countries and type of service, it is updated constantly, it owns predesigned messages, it allows setting abbreviations, it recognizes Proxy connections and IP terminals, it allows sending multimedia messages and making sounds, it has tools such as connection statistics, you can set multi – accounts, it keeps a file of the sent and received messages, as well as the erased ones, it has support for SSL servers. You can download it from this link (

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