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Immigrants who count with the advice of a migratory agent will have more chances of obtaining a temporal or permanent work visa, given by the Australian authorities.

Even when Australia has policies in favor of immigration, it also has laws that severely punish illegal immigrants, with penalties that go from having to pay strong fines, jail and even deportation. Been an illegal in Australia turns out to be very dangerous, because your neighbor or even a co – worker can inform about your condition and present his or her anonymous report before the Department of Migration and Citizenship.

In order to avoid trouble with the Australian immigration authorities, any immigrant who wishes to work in this country has the duty to be informed, by going to the consular offices or embassies or, in any case, the advice of a migratory agent. If it turns out to be impossible to personally attend any of these offices, the immigrant can check the website of the Australian government in the internet ( or the website of a migratory agent.

Skilled immigrants who were not able of getting a family member or company to sponsor them and who do not have a good command of the English language, will have to contact a migratory agent who can advice them and who can take charge of the visa process. Besides, the Australian immigration laws vary constantly and it is tough for an immigrant to acknowledge these modifications at the right moment.

The visa application proceedings are done in the embassies and consular offices. Now, those immigrants who choose the Skilled Immigration Program must do the process directly in the Adelaide Processing Centre, located in the city of Adelaide (Australia).

Those immigrants who are looking to work in Australia must know that in this country there are policies that protect the Australian citizen. However, there are some economic sectors in which the demand for skilled work force is bigger than the local offer, which is why it must be attended by skilled immigrants.

It is estimated that the time that takes for an immigrant to get a job in Australia is from, at least, three months, depending on the laboral sector in which he or she wishes to be a part of.

One of the ways of getting access to an Australian work visa is through the sponsorship of a company. Meaning that a company or state can present a letter, before the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, indicating the reasons for which it is necessary to hire the skilled immigrant and not a citizen. The period for which the contract will last must also be specified in the document, as well as the payment. Generally, the visa applications that come with the sponsorship of a state or company are approved by the migratory authorities.

Finally, it is important to mention that Australia does award work permissions to foreigner students who take courses in Australia whose duration goes beyond the three months. With this permission, foreigner students can work up to 20 hours a week. Likewise, the work permission is also extended for the student’s couple or family member who is inside the visa application. It is important to mention that there is no need for a marriage certificate to get a visa for the couple of the visa applicant.

It is much better to enter and work legally in Australia, in order to avoid punishments and complications with the migratory authorities. When concluding the job, the visa also ends and the immigrant has to return to his or her country of origin. In the case in which he or she gets another job, he or she will have to inform the Department of Immigration and Citizenship in advance.

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