Last modified 01/24/2024

Top windows antivirus ,free antivirus ? :

They are many the viruses that round the Internet and which, at any time, might infect our machine, that is why it is very necessary having a good anti-virus software that protects us, it is also important to remember that every day we must update our anti – virus software, because everyday a new, more detrimental virus is released into the network. 

The anti-virus software must be distinguished according to their characteristics, since each count with different tools that help us to easily eliminate a virus. But, according to this, it can have as characteristics its capacity of detecting viruses, spy programs or simply malignant, they must also have among their characteristics constant update, speed at the time of detecting malignant programs, effectiveness at the time of detecting infections at the exact moment they enter, having great tools capacity for both, experts and professionals, being simple and easy to use for the newbies, make a good cleaning of all our hard drive as well as a good report of everything it eliminates to keep it as a record. 

According to the characteristics of the anti – virus software, we can recommend the best ones in its characteristics, first is Kaspersky personal anti-virus, this is one of the top ones, it owns a great amount of tools to block malignant programs, since it does not only eliminate viruses but also worms, Trojans, dialers, spies, key loggers and many more. It is also daily updated, which is why its list of definitions increases constantly, the unique point against this anti – virus is that it takes too much analyzing the drives to detect malignant programs, although it also has a tool to memorize the scanned archives and thus the second it reviews it quicker, to get its trial version, you can download it from this link ( 

Another great antivirus software is the NOD32 Anti – virus, it efficiently reviews all the files of drives, it has the option to analyze heuristically, this means that at the same time that it analyzes, it is also unpacking and detecting new malicious codes that were not in its data base, it is updating constantly and it has a very good online technical service that will be able to help us when there is an error with the  anti – virus, in addition, its resource consumption is minimum, therefore it does not affect the performance of our computer. You can download it from this link ( 

Also, the AVG Anti – virus software is, without a doubt, one of best free anti – virus software there is, it has great amount of tools to program it, so it follows an analysis routine, it is excellent for computers that are not very powerful since it does not need many resources of the system to do its work, it has a great update capacity, it also scans the computer’s hard drives quickly and it also has the capacity of heuristic detection. In order to download the free version, you can follow this link (, it is necessary to fill a form in which it requests your data and, afterwards, they will send you the program free of charge or you could also pay to get the complete version.

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