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Best short phrases
for Mother’s DayOriginal Mother's Day wishes.#MothersDayWishes

May this Mother’s Day be absolutely stunning and filled with love, some nice gestures and kind attentions towards your wife, in order to thank her for the amazing job she does everyday with the kids you share.

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In the following line you will find a series of love messages that you can share with your beloved wife on the latest edition of Mother’s Day. Check them out!.Mother's Day card messages & quotes.#MothersDayMessages

Mother’s Day phrases
for wife

:: “The love I feel for you grows every day in an exponential way, my love, for you are the one and only to me. Happy Mother’s Day”.

:: “Enjoy this day from top to bottom, because I will make sure you are pampered and covered in love and affection all day long. Happy Mother’s Day”.

:: “I love you more every day that goes by, for you are my angel and my one true love. Enjoy this Mother’s Day. I adore you”.

:: “When I see you smiling I realized that marrying you was the best decision ever, for you are true light and love. Happy Mother’s Day, dear”.

:: “The family we are building is what I am truly proud of, my darling, for it is filled with love and understanding. Have a lovely Mother’s Day”.Find awesome Mother's Day words for WhatsApp.#MothersDayGreetings

I love you phrases
for Mother’s Day

:: “You deserve nothing but happiness, pampering and loving, my dear, specially today that we celebrate your motherhood. I will always cherish you, I promise”.

:: “How lucky can one person be? Because I truly feel like I hit the jackpot with you, dear. Have a lovely Mother’s Day and enjoy it to the fullest”.

:: “You are the reason I smile, the reason I dream and the reason I feel so grateful all the time. Thank you for being mine and happy Mother’s Day. I love you”.

:: “I am going to have to spend the rest of my life thanking you for everything you do, my love, because it is simply amazing. Happy Mother’s Day”.

:: “The kids and I wonder how on Earth we got so lucky, because you are simply a dream and we love you to bits. Happy Mother’s Day, dear”.

:: “Wishing you lots of joy and love in this beautiful Mother’s Day, my darling. Never stop being who you are, because we adore you for it. Xoxo!”.Happy Mother's Day, honey sweet phrases.#MothersDayTexts

Happy Mother’s Day

:: “I have the intention of spending the rest of my life by your side, loving you and making you smile every single day. Enjoy your day, my dear”.

:: “Our kids are the happiest when you are around and so am I, my love, for you fill every room in the house with love and wonder. Happy Mother’s Day”.

:: “Telling you how much I love you is something that comes easy, for you truly are the love of my life. Have an amazing Mother’s Day, my darling”.

:: “I know, deep in my heart, that with you I won the lottery, my love, for there is no one on this Earth that compares to you. Happy Mother’s Day”.

:: “Deep inside my soul I know that I have found the love of my life, the only one who can truly make me happy. Enjoy your day from top to bottom”.Happy Mother's Day messages for WhatsApp.#MothersDayLovePhrases

Ideas for saying thank you
for Mother’s Day wishes

:: “I could feel all their love and gratitude through the beautiful greetings you sent me on Mother’s Day. My beloved children, thank you very much and God bless you!”.

:: “I appreciate your beautiful visits, your tender messages and all the details with which you made this an unforgettable Mother’s Day. I love you with all my heart!”.

:: “My wonderful children, you made me spend a Mother’s Day full of happiness and love. I send you a big hug, many kisses and I thank you for thinking of me”.

:: “Through your words I could feel a lot of affection, that’s why I take this opportunity to thank you for your beautiful greetings for Mother’s Day”.

:: “This Mother’s Day was very special since I not only enjoyed the company and the attentions of my beautiful family, but also because I received beautiful greetings. Thank you all!”.Sweet phrases I love you my heaven.#MothersDayLovePhrases

Mother’s Day wishes
for colleagues

:: “Dear colleagues, I take this opportunity to thank you infinitely for your work and send you my best wishes: Have a very nice Mother’s Day”.

:: “Mother’s selflessness is one of the qualities I admire most in you, dear colleagues, and that is why today I wish you a beautiful Mother’s Day”.

:: “Along the way we have learned many things, but the main one remains that with an exemplary work team, everything is possible. Thank you for so much and happy Mother’s Day”.

:: “Happy Mother’s Day to my dear colleagues. Know that you are an example of courage, dedication, commitment, work, and passion”.

:: “We take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your dedication and commitment. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day”.Wordings I wish you a Happy Mother's Day my Queen.#HappyMothersDay.#HappyMothersDayPhrases

Mother’s Day phrases
for friend

:: “Many, many congratulations to you and your dear family on this Mother’s Day. Enjoy it from beginning to end”.

:: “In this message I send you all my love for Mother’s Day, remember that I will always be there for you when you need it. Congratulations my friend, I love you!”.

:: “They say that good is contagious, it is beautiful to see that our beautiful friendship has been transmitted to our children. Happy Mother’s Day my friend!”.

:: “It fills me with great happiness to be able to congratulate you on this Mother’s Day, you are a woman blessed for having the opportunity to be a Mom. Enjoy!”.
:: “The love of a Mother is something incalculable, immeasurable, without beginning and with no end; you are a great Mom. Happy Day, my friend”.Mother's Day messages that will inspire you.#MothersDayLoveQuotes

Mother’s Day thoughts
for Facebook

:: “Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers with a heart of gold. I wish that this Sunday will be unforgettable for you, because you really deserve it”.

:: “I think of my mother, all the things she used to say to me and how she always worried about me being well. I miss you so much, Mom, and I am sending you a kiss to heaven on this Mother’s Day”.

:: “Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful moms who are celebrating the joy of seeing their children grow up. I send you a big kiss and all my love”.

:: “Blessings to all moms on their day. I hope your families accompany you with joy in celebration, I send you a big hug!”.

:: “Happy Mother’s Day to all those who love their children and care for them with unquestionable selflessness. They are wonderful women who make this world a better place”.
Cute sayings Happy Mother's Day my beloved.#MothersDaySayings

Mother’s Day greetings
for aunt

:: “Having you with me is like having another Mom, you give me unconditional support that has always served me throughout my life, so now and I always want to thank you for all the love you give me”.

:: “Without a doubt, my cousins are very lucky to have you as a Mother. I’ve been fortunate to have you always by my side and so now I want you to know that I love you with all my heart and I wish you the best Mothers’ day”.

:: “As a kid I remember that you were always in every important Moment for me. You are a very special person and I really feel that you should be my second Mom. I love you and I hope you pass it very well today and always”.

:: “Everyone can tell that you two are sisters, both show a lot of love for their children and I also feel that you have shown to us. I wish you always the best and today it’s no exception. I love you”.

:: “You really are wonderful; I always felt all your love, since I was a child. Today is a special day for all women who are Mothers, but not every Mother does it as well as you. You are an exemplary Mother and an irreplaceable aunt”.

The love you share with your wife is something precious, so always make sure you nurture it, so she feels truly appreciated and loved. Use the messages above

to make sure she knows just how much you love her and how happy you are with the family she has given you. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!Beautiful Mother's Day quotes to share with your Mom.#GreetingsForMothersDay

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