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The art of flirting, how to flirt with a girl you like :

The men and the women have different ways to flirt; it is because there are many different reasons and cases. Likewise, the result that the men and the women expect while they are flirting is not always the same.

However, it is important to point that the principal idea is to flirting on a friendly way, because the friendly flirting will offer us a bigger chance of getting the expected results whether or not we use the right one, for example, because of the flirting you may find the true love or perhaps simply you can start a good friendship and who knows? Maybe that friend will introduce you another friend that happens to be the true love you were expecting for, the most important thing is to have a variety of choices and pick the right one. 

After you gave various sights and smiles and the other person did exactly the same, or at least a sight of sympathy, and of course, after you are already sure that the girl has a little interest on you and she would like to know you better, buy and send her a drink, but remember that you are only buying her a drink, do not think that the girl will helplessly fall in love with you just fro that. While you send the drink watch carefully the way how she receive it, if by any chance she smiles, then you must look away from her and finally you should see her again to show her your interest. 

Likewise, if you get invited to join and share the same table, focus on the chatting you are going to start and do not think about of getting a hot date with the girl, well…at least not for now, this is because the most of the women prefer to know very well the guy they are meeting. It is important to get the chance to know each other before asking for a date. 

Do not EVER try to flirting two women of the same group, because there is no woman who likes to feel like she is the second option or she has any charming, think it over, do not flirt with one girl and then another in the same group because they will think that you are desperate and you will end up like a total fail, although it is the real situation; it is recommendable to look like you are not desperate. 

The moment when you are flirting or telling something nice to her, you better try to be completely sure about what you are saying, it has to be something really original, nice and cute, otherwise the other person will feel like we words you are telling to her are very common and overrated. All the women have something extra on hers, you know what I am talking about, try to find it out and tell her something very nice about it. 

You should not ever EVER touch a girl if she did not tell you to do it, remember that no all the girls like those kinds of meetings, by the other hand she can really freak out if you act that way, it is important that you have respect for the person until you get to know her very well, I mean not perfectly but pretty close.

The act of touching someone on a kind and soft way may be a romantic move, but this “touching” must be controlled at the beginning to just putting your arms over her shoulders or maybe putting your hand on her arms, so that way you must not touch the girl until you get to know her good enough. Likewise, you can test the react of the other person by approaching a little and then keeping your respective distance from her. 

 It is important to have respect for yourself and your own pride, and also you must give to yourself the right place, because generally the women and everybody, the most of the times they like the “hard to reach” things, it is not good to show desperation and coldness; it is important to consider yourself like a person able of finding the right choice.

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