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The Tourism in Madrid,Madrid tourism guide :

Lately, Spain has become one of the most important urban tourist destinations in the world because of the new brand concept developed (urban Spain rather than Spain sun and beach), Madrid has become the Spanish city of major tourist attraction, not only due to its museums, theaters, ancient and modern architectural monuments, but his status as a cultural city, 2ith a lot of musical and artistic events which has given to this delightful city a cosmopolitan image.

The best way to reduce the cost while you are3 a tourist in Madrid is actually obtaining the Madrid Card and it is recommended to supplement it with the purchase of bonus for tourist transport.

The Madrid Card has several points of view:

• Madrid Card Pack 1 actually it allows you to visit just one time two pre-selected museums from a list of over 50 existing museums in the city, obtaining some kind of unlimited and V.I.P access to their permanent collections. The cost of the card is 22 Euros.

• Madrid Card it actually allows you to visit for free over 53 museums, royal palaces and monuments (preferential access to some museums), to the Tour (Stadium Santiago Bernabeu, Atletico de Madrid and Market of Bulls). Besides it gives you access to the complete program of guided tours “Discover Madrid”. Unlimited access to the Madrid Vision tour bus routes (Historical Madrid, Madrid Monumental and Modern Madrid). Attached to all this, you can find a guide in different languages which include establishments that offer discounts for some members including the Cable Car, the Theme Park (Amusement Parks, Zoo Aquarium, Faunia) and Madrid IMAX which is cinema with the highest technology in the whole world, including a location map.

There are three different types of tour packages in cost and duration.

Tourist packages Price in Euros / January Packages 2011
Without discount
Madrid Card 24 hours  32 30.40
Madrid Card 48 hours 42 39.90
Madrid Card 72 hours 52 49.40

• Madrid Card with public transport it will also allow you to be part of the package mentioned above, but the difference is that you will also have the public transport (Metro, Bus and Train) based on existing routes and the contract period.

Tourist packages Price in Euros / January Packages 2011
Without discount
Madrid Card 24 hours + public transport 1 day (Zone A) 38
Madrid Card 48 hours + public transport 2 day (Zone A) 52
Madrid Card 72 hours + public transport 3 day (Zone A) 65
Madrid Card 24 hours + public transport 1 day (Zone T) 44
Madrid Card 48 hours + public transport 2 day (Zone T) 62
Madrid Card 72 hours + public transport 3 day (Zone T) 77

The tourist card Madrid Card can be purchased either online with a 5% of discounts at the site (they are mailed to your address) or directly in the Tourism Service Center if you are already in Madrid. For more information you can visit: All cards are activated when they are used to enter any of the establishments mentioned before. It can only be used on consecutive days and not when admission is free so it is necessary to be properly informed before purchasing.

The well-known bonus for the tourist transport counts with 5 types; actually they are modified according to the duration of the days (1, 2, 3, 5, and 7) and the use of the areas (A corresponding to Madrid Capital and T corresponding to Madrid, Guadalajara and Toledo). Its use is unlimited on several routes of the Metro, bus and the nearest rail network. The applicable prices for 2011 are contained in the following table and they all are in Euros.

1 day 6 – 12
2 days 10 – 20
3 days 13 – 25
5 days 19 – 36
7 days 25 – 50

Actually there are counts available for children. View them at , clicking on icon other bonuses. It can be acquired at several points in Madrid.

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