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Download best sweet dreams messages and images for her

Searching for sweet good night text messages for lovers ? The arrival of the night is inevitable, as much as you would like to spend all day with your partner; the moment comes when each one must give their body the well-deserved rest. There is no better way to say goodbye than with a sweet good night phrase.

In this article you will find the best goodnight messages that will be liked by the person who dedicates it as well as the one who receives it.

This is a very romantic way to end the day, your partner will always be the last person you want to see and dedicate the best to rest with sweet dreams.

It will only take a few minutes of your time to read and download the goodnight message for your partner, which you can send also by SMS or WhatsApp if he is far away.Download good night thoughts of love to share by Instagram

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Romantic good night love messages to make her fall in love

– “Today I couldn’t see you; I just wish you have a nice rest and that tomorrow we could share wonderful moments. Good Night”.

– “Honey, in sleeping time put your soul in peace mode, your heart engaged with me and you will have a serene night”.

– “You can have nice dreams; just invite your body to be an accomplice of the night, but thinking of me”.

– “The night invites you to think less about what takes away your energy, you just want to join your tiredness with mine and rest next to me”.

– “The moon doesn’t rise every night but inside you seem as if you were always brightening by a splendorous light. Have golden dreams. “Download good night love picture messages to send by Whatsapp

Sweet & romantic good night messages for girlfriend for Whatsapp

-“It’s very late, let’s prepare ourselves to sleep, the moon and the stars will illuminate our bodies with their silver colour”.

-“There are good and bad things, but the important thing is that at the end of the day our love does not change and with a hug we forget the difficulties and prefer to share nice moments. Have a good night”.

-“What keeps me strong is your love that encourages me to confront with serenity the moment when I have to say goodbye and wish you to have a happy night without me”.

– “Good night honey, you live inside me at every moment of my existence”.

– “I can’t go to sleep without wishing you a lovely rest”.Find sweet good night love wordings for my girlfriend Whatsapp

Free download good night love cards to share by Facebook

– “There was no greater happiness on this day than to give you all the love you deserve. Have sweet dreams”.

– “Our love teaches us to overcome selfishness and therefore we wish each other the best even at bedtime. Sweet dreams, my Queen“.

– “Good evening, love, this day gave us the opportunity to continue loving each other and sharing the most beautiful emotions”.

– “I wish you sweet dreams, you are the one who excites me, you always give me your love without expecting nothing in return”.

– “Love, I would like you to remain the companion of my destiny. I love you so much and I wish you sweet dreams. “Find best romantic good night greetings & pictures

Download cute good night messages of love

– “Today was not an ordinary day, you made it unique, you gave it colour, so in compensation I will visit you in your dreams”.

– “Sleeping every night thinking about your love is like thanking God for his blessing. Sweet dreams”.

– “The moon in the night, lighten in the darkness so you do not fear to be alone in the night. Sweet dreams honey“.

– “A good night’s greeting is an inevitable thought when I have to say goodbye to my sweet beloved“.

Beautiful good night messages of love to share by Instagram

– “I wish you good night with a little of melancholy because our bodies will rest in different beds”.

– “Night takes its true colour when our bodies confuse to each other in a single form”.

-“Good evening, love, thank you for this beautiful day, you made me so happy and I hope tomorrow we will also continue sharing nice emotions”.

-“The most beautiful at night is when your soul transmits serenity and the dream makes us magical”.

– “Tonight, I will think about you persistently from my room, until you reach my desire to have you on my dreams”.

We hope the goodnight phrases you just read will be appreciated and continue visiting our web page as well as we hope you can make us suggestions, and comments to improve our articles.Download best top sweet & flirty good night text messages for girlfriend

Best good night text messages
to make her fall in love with you

When we love we spent the whole day thinking about the person we love and when night comes we go to sleep quietly, waiting for the new day to see our special someone.

If you want your guy / girl to go to sleep thinking about you and what you make for him / her to feel happy, you can send a romantic phrase in which you express all your love.

You will see that as soon as she receives them, she will feel incredibly well and you’re always on her mind, even in her dreams. Use some of the phrases that we bring below and send it as a text message, for Whatsapp, by Twitter or post on your Facebook wall.Romantic good night phrases you should say so your love

Love pretty good night phrases download to share by Messenger

– “I wish I could be able to enter your dreams and transport you to a wonderful world where our love is the protagonist”
Category : Romantic Good night messages to my love

– “I always think of you and I have you in my mind and so every night before go to sleep, I think of our love and I cannot avoid to sigh.”
Category : Romantic Good night messages to my love

– “The night is wonderful, when I look at the sky and see so many bright stars , I feel the great love that I have for you, so I want to sleep like an angel tonight thinking in our relationship.”
Category : Romantic Good night messages to my love

– “When I am with you there is nothing else in this world I care, because I feel a lot of security and confidence, you are my one and only love and the source of my happiness, that can sleep tonight thinking of our love.”
Category : Romantic Good night messages to my love

– “Counting sheep doesn’t work and it is not really the best way to sleep peacefully and calmly than when I think of your love and all the wonderful times we spent together, thank you for so many days of happiness.”
Category : Romantic Good night messages to my love

– “Our love is so amazing, that in the morning I wake up with a lot of courage and wills to live life and by evening I feel a great peace and quiet, so it’s time to sleep and have wonderful dreams.”
Category : Romantic Good night messages to my love

Download best good night love messages and images

– “Surely you wonder what I most want to do at this moment, well, that would be able to be by your side, by your bed, and kissing you goodnight for you to sleep like a princess.”
Category : Good night love texts for Whatsapp

– “Before you sleep think of our love and you will have wonderful dreams and no nightmare will come to your mind tonight”
Category : Good night love texts for Whatsapp

– “Sure before you go to sleep you would like to know how much I love you, well, my love for you is huge and each passing day I find more and more reasons for my love for you grow more and more.”
Category : Good night love texts for Whatsapp

– “I wish you sweet and wonderful dreams tonight my love, today we had a busy day but wonderful because we enjoy our love to the most. I love you so much. “
Category : Good night love texts for Whatsapp

– “I love to make you feel good, so tonight I send you my love on some nice words so you can sleep peacefully in a lot of much happiness.”
Category : Good night love texts for Whatsapp

– “The light of your love shine forever in my heart, day and night, so I am so happy and I wish you to rest and have sweet dreams for both of us.”
Category : Good night love texts for Whatsapp

Send one of these phrases to your partner and you will see how happy and sweet dreams will live tonight.Download I miss you good night love text messages

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