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Download free mobile phone games , free java games for mobile and cell phones, your free and legal source: 
Currently, there is a wide variety of websites where you can download games for mobile phones for free.

In the pages, you will find that there are lots of models sorted by cell phone brand. Although it is important having in mind that there are games that are not compatible with some devices, however, the vast majority supports jar format, which is developed by JAVA applications.

If you require more sophisticated games, then you would need a 3G cell phone.
In fact, different websites offer fun games and well detailed ones, in addition to downloading them is very simple and easy to perform. Below, you will find a list of recommended sites to download free games for almost any model you might have.
ZEDGE: This website is one of the most recommended ones, it has in its database a myriad of computer games per category according to the type of game (RPG, action, adventure, racing, etc.), Type of phone brand or model mobile. They can also be sorted by the number of downloads they have, the most popular comments or the highest scorer received.
The thing about ZEDGE is that it has a lot of publicity hosted on their website, as well as pop-ups that could be very uncomfortable. But with the vast number of benefits, the advertising should not come to greatly influence the preference of users. If you want to visit this site or start downloading the program, follow this link: (

Mobango: This site is another alternative for downloading free games, it is very easy to use thanks to its detailed graphical interface which makes the process more intuitive and friendly for the user. The games are sorted into three categories: One is based on their platform (or cell phone operating system) such as Windows Mobile, Symbian, Java, Flash, Black Berry, etc. The second option is the rate of the mobile license such as free (freeware), the shareware, trial or demo. And finally the category of the game, which might be a sport, action, racing, puzzle, RPG, etc. To download and play these games you should contact the following address: (
ArGim: Another good choice has a variety of free games. The user can filter your search by type of game (RPG, adventure, action, fighting, racing, strategy, arcade, etc.) As well as by operating system (Windows Mobile, Java, Symbian, etc.) Downloading is easy, the games before being downloaded are the file size, a description and a thumbnail preview that will serve as much to users who do not know that looking game. They are on your own web site below: (

GetJar: Last but not least, this website has many applications”.Jar” is the most used type by Nokia and Symbian in general. It has a friendly and intuitive interface, searching for the games is easy, because they are classified into several categories, such as operating systems (Windows Mobile, Flash, Symbian, Black Berry, Andor, Palm, IPhone, etc.). As the previous sites, this site also can be filtered by all mobile phone brands (Motorola, Nokia, Sony, Sharp, LG, etc.).

Although this was not mentioned above in the other options, these sites also have many applications, such as sounds, themes, social programs, music, photos, financial calculators, maps, and information on religion, travel, meals and more. All this contents can be used in the cell; downloading content from this site, besides from been very fast, is very simple. You can visit the website at the following link: (

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