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Although the relationship begins well, with the passing of time, problems may begin to appear. The problems and misunderstandings can damage the relationship if they are not dealt with confidence and intelligence to solve them.
If your relationship is damaged and is about to finish, maybe your only solution is to write a letter to your partner explaining what you feel and asking for one last chance. Maybe if your partner can read what is on the bottom of your heart, she will see that you still feel a lot of love for him or her, they could reconsider things and decide to give it another try.
Free reconciliation letter:
Hello love,
I feel very sad. Lately things have not been the same and that hurts. It hurts that we no longer look as before and kiss as we used to, that we make out of obligation and you no longer look as happy as a few months ago.
Many things that the two of us have been responsible for have happened, but despite all that, I still love you. I really do still love you and this love tears me apart when I see you walk away and it hurts me.
I regret the harm that I made the things I said and so I apologize. I forgive you for all you told me and the times you said that you did not love me because I know they are lies. I know you still love me because I can see it in your eyes.
What happened to us? I still cannot understand at what time everything began to collapse. All I know is that I do not want to get away from you, I love you and I will fight for this love to survive. Please fight with me. Give me one last chance.
We can still be very happy together. We can go ahead and let everything that hurt behind us. I promise to improve and love you more than ever. Let us try one more time please. I love you with all my life. You are my life.
When I think about walking away from you, all the good moments that we lived next each other come to me and it breaks my heart to know that I can no longer live those moments with you, that it is all over now. I do not want to live without you, please do not walk away from me.
I will wait for your response and it will be the last time I will ask you. If your answer is no, I will understand and walk away from you with all the pain of the world. If we decide to try again, we will be very happy together, I assure you. I still I love you very much. Goodbye love, please come back to me.
When a relationship goes bad, for problems that have nothing to do with insults, shocks or any type of abuse, it is worth trying to talk and give each other one more chance. We hope this letter has given you some idea on how to make your own and we hope that by heart you can fix things with your partner. Good luck.
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