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Advantage of studying nursing , the profile of a good Nurse :

Those interested in studying nursing should know that it is not just a profession, but also a science as well as an art. The nursing profession requires above all a vocation, because skills and knowledge are not enough to be a good nurse.

Therefore, it is important to be willing to take care of the sick and the wounded.
Within Medicine or Health Sciences, nursing is among the most selfless and difficult careers, because it is not only necessary to aquire knowledge, but also to have a service vocation to help and care for the sick.

The role of nurses is essential, as they are devoted to patients 24 hours a day, because doctors are in charge of diagnosis only.
We recommend pursuing the nursing career mainly because it is a high-demand profession in any country. People get sick daily and they need to be taken care of by skilled people, such as nurses.

Likewise, those interested in studying this career can choose among institutes, schools or universities. To get a university’s degree they must study for five years, in the other cases the career is just three years long, after which they get a degree as nursing technician. Certainly it will not be hard to get a job, given that it is a 24 hours-a-day job, and many nurses are needed to fill several shifts.

Another advantage of studying nursing is that they can later continue studying and specialize in any of the diverse fields within health sciences.
Regarding job opportunities, nursing professionals or technicians can work in clinics, hospitals, emergency centers, polyclinics, also in schools, institutes, universities, firms, factories and any home with sick or old people with special needs.

Now, a disadvantage of studying nursing is that, in most Latin American countries, it is not a highly valued profession, so pay is low in comparison. However, in First World countries, such as Italy or the United States, there is a great demand for nurses which must be filled with skilled immigrants.

Studying nursing can become a great life experience, but there must be a true vocation, because this profession does not have holidays, among other sacrifices.
In brief, nursing can be very satisfying, both personally and emotionally, and not everyone is able to take care of and cure the sick. Beware; candidates must be very willing to help others.

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