Last modified 10/05/2023

Sample Cruiseline Reservationist Cover Letter :

Jhon Pettere
C/queens, 28-1º P.
Manchester, June 11th 2010
Dear /person in charge /of the department of RR.HH.Cruceros Reales Inc:
From my highest consideration:

I add with the e-mail my curriculum vitae so that way I will have a chance to work with you as Reservationist, to say the truth I am really interested about your company and I like to be part of the most important ships if we talk about the most famous cruisers.

All of my documents are totally updated like my boarding notebook, passport, and some titles to be a worker on board, OMI courses and many extra and useful things.
I thank you for keeping on mind my professional and job profile,I really appreciate your time I will keep waiting for a soon answer or some commentaries .
Jhon Pettere

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