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The 10 principal keys to write a Resume of a person 40 year old or more : 

What is the correct way for a person 40 year old or more to write a good Resume? .The next essay will show you exactly ten keys to elaborate an excellent Resume so you will find a good job and your age will not be an obstacle. 

– You should elaborate a Resume with at least 1 page but be careful, it does not have to contain more than 2 pages.

– You should point the functions and activities you know very well but you should not write the date when you learned them.

– Do not make mention about the objectives, those must be revealed when you are having the personal interview.

– You must not put your photo or personal information neither like the age or your birth’s date because this would be a specific clue of your exact age. However, this advice depends on your residence country due some people who develop the interviews; also known as “the choosers”; may consider as a negative aspect when they do not find your age on the curriculum.

– Do not write information or data about your height, weight, sex or religion.

– You should point the achievements and goals you have reached previously. For example, a diploma, some medals, certificated documents, any nameplate etc, remember, it does not matter if the achievements is not related with the job you are looking for, at the end it will count.

–You should point all of the companies where you have been working until now. This includes the much money companies and the not much money companies.

– You should point the activities you have been developing voluntarily.

–  You can make mention of your hobbies and likes.

– do not write the references on your Resume, actually because the references must be revealed when you are having the personal interview. 


Some information omitted on the previous advices will have to be reveal within time but not when you are writing the Resume, because on the forms to fill in or at the moment of the interviews, you, as a candidate with possibilities, must answer all of the questions even if they are kind of strange and also you must offer all the information if it is a principal requirement.

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