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All the workers want their job to be recognized at some time. The partner use to congratulate the worker for his achievements at the company, however, the worker feels really happy when the highest authority recognize his efforts during all of the years working with the company.
For that reason, if the company has many workers who have many years at the same place and gaining a lot of experience, you must motivate them to keep the good work, through an Appreciation Letter.
Actually these days, many companies try to add to their politics of human resources, new politics guided to form leaders, the permanent knowledge, a good quality of life, the motivation and the job satisfaction, which allow to the workers be part of the achievements and goals of the company itself.
There are many politics about the motivation like the one that make mention of the workers who have been developing a good job during many years on the company. A very common way of the company to recognize its workers is when a document certifying the time of work is awarded to the right person; however, the content of this document is really formal and standard.
For that reason, a new way to recognize the effort makes its appearance and this is the letter of thanks to the worker for all those years and for the excellent development at the company.
The certified document can be awarded once the worker has been at the job for over 5 years, I mean, when he has at least 5 years, 10 years, 15 years, 20 years, 25 years or 30 years working for the same company. Besides sending to him the motivation letter you must give to him some kind of medal or diploma to make mention of the years. So that way, the worker will feel like they recognize him twice instead of just once.
Some companies; as part of their own inner rules and politics, use to give some cash to recognize the oldest worker according to the years and the time reached at the same company. Any award obtained by the worker will make more solid the link between him and the company, making the company goal easier to achieve.
About the development of the appreciation Letter, we have to mention that it can be written by the computer or by your own hand. At any case, it is recommendable that the letter would be written by the highest authority of the company. Remember, the worker has to feel that the company needs him to achieve the objectives and increase the profits of the company.
The letter of thanks to the worker must be printed or written on a paper with the name and the original logo of the company. The language must be polite and simple, and of course, you must be really carefully with the orthography.
Here I will show you an example of an Appreciation Letter to a worker:
                                                                                                     London, May 11th, 2010
Mark Twuani
Shopping Assistance Employee
Dear Mr. Mark
For me, it is an honor to write to you this letters which allows me to recognize the great contributions you make with you presence to the company. Your responsibility, your punctuality, you hard-work and your partnership are just some of your characteristics and for those characteristics you become into an example to follow to your other partners.
In this case, we will recognize your 10 years of service to this company, so we would like to award you with an extra salary and also a commemorative medal for this special event.
We feel proud of having you on our company; an efficient and hard-working man like you is like gold on de desert, so we would like to count with your service for many years from now on.
Paul Rooswelt
General Manager
London Supermarkets and Stores S.A
As you can see, recognizing a worker for the years of service with letter of thanks from the highest authority of the company can be use to motivate even the oldest worker. A letter of thanks allows the oldest worker to keep developing an excellent job without lose the passion for the job.
Remember, a old worker not only need a motivation with money but a motivation of spirit like a good speech of thank, it will make that his self-esteem go beyond the clouds.

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