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One of the most difficult situations that can happen in a relationship is to live far away from the person we love so much. Each day that passes makes us to miss our partner endlessly every day and every passing hour.

This is a severe test that many face but that some cannot overcome and decide to end their relationship, but if your love is true, be sure that nothing and nobody can achieve separate you and soon it will come the day of the desired reencounter.

One of the best ways in which you can strengthen your relationship, is sending short sentences to your partner in which you express your love and how much you miss him / her. In this article we bring a complete list of short phrases for you to send to your love through Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp. You will see that he or she will love it and will feel your love strongest than ever.

Free list of short love phrases:

– “Every day that passes and I can’t have you beside me is a day of sadness because I miss much your presence, so I look forward to the day we become to find.”
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– “My love for you is true and that is why I can stand the passing days and weeks without you, but I still miss you more and more.”
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– “When you left, a part of me went with you and so my happiness can not be complete while you are away, you are my one true love and I wish the day you return to come as soon as possible for you to be with me and enjoy time together.”
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– “I think it was a big mistake to leave, because being away from you I can not live calmly, my heart longs for you and misses you”
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– “I decided to go far away to reach my dreams but now that I am away from you I think it is not worthwhile, you are always in my heart and hope to return very soon for us to be together and we can experience the joy of our love. “
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– “I behaved like a real idiot when I left, but I have reconsidered and realize that I made many mistakes, you are my one and only love and my true happiness is to be by your side. “
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– “I tried by all means get you out of my mind but it all has been in vain and that’s because I really love you, please do not make the biggest mistake of our lives, come back and be happy again.”
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– “I know perfectly well that the distance is not an obstacle to our love because just looking at your pictures made me think of you, you shake up the deepest fiber of my heart.”
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– “Together we decided to give us a space to reflect on our relationship and has already been enough time, the love of my life is you and every day I spend away from you is like dying a little inside. “
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– “I can feel your absence when I feel the need to see directly at your eyes and tell you how much I love you, I want to feel your warmth, I love you with all my heart and miss you with all my strength.”
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Send any of these short messages to your partner who is away and see that you relive the flame of your love.

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