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If you really love your boyfriend no matter how far you are from him, you will always love him with all your heart. It’s hard to sustain a relationship when the distance keep you away from each other, but for love nothing is impossible.

If this is your case and you have a boyfriend who is away from you, you can express how great is your love through a very special and meaningful message.

In this section we bring you a list of very innovative phrases for you to send to your boyfriend via text message, Whatsapp or any social network.

Download the best love messages for your boyfriend who is far away:

– “Although we are physically far from each other, our hearts are together creating just one heart which beats up for our love to keep alive.”
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– “I miss you my life, I miss to feel close to you, to watch at your beautiful eyes and your pretty smile and to feel those sweet and tender kisses. I will pay anything to feel them again.”
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– “I cannot feel anything but pain when I thought you are away, but the thought of you and our love fills my heart with joy.”
Category :love messages for my boyfriend in the distance

– “My love for you is pure and real and so I’ll be here waiting for your return. You are my one great love. “
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romantic messages for girlfriend
– “Being away from each other has not made my love for you decrease, on the contrary, my love has become stronger and stronger every time.”

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– “I know what people say about the love at distance, but such natural law doesn’t apply to us, because our love get stronger every time I think of you.”
Category :love messages for my boyfriend in the distance

– “When you left you took my heart with you, I love you very much and I wouldn’t lose you for anything. On your return I will be here with my open arms.”
Category :love messages for my boyfriend in the distance

– “Our love is etched in our hearts forever, so the distance will not make it any harm.”
Category :love messages for my boyfriend in the distance

– “My love for you is eternal and so I do not mind the distance that separates us right now, I love you with all my heart.”
Category :love messages for my boyfriend in the distance

– “Although there’s a great distance between us I can feel you close to my heart and the reason is the great and wonderful love we have.”
Category :love messages for my boyfriend in the distance

– “I’m so happy for the love I feel for you because the distance is not an obstacle for us and I fall in love more and more about each other.”
Category :love messages for my boyfriend in the distance

– “It has began the countdown for the date of our meeting, meanwhile I can’t stop thinking of you for a single day of my life. I love you so much my life. “
Category :love messages for my boyfriend in the distance

– “I admit it’s not easy being away from you but I’m still willing to give everything because our love is worth it, for us there are no barriers.”
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short girlfriend quotes

– “From a distance I send many kisses and hugs with all the strength of my being, my charming Princess. I will love you forever.”
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Send one of these phrases to your girlfriend and feel the flame of love burns with much more force between you both. Do not forget that the love is a feeling that can male us to achieve any goal we purpose.

Beautiful phrases to express our deepest love

Having the capacity to love and to give ourselves unselfishly, is one of the things that separates us from other species, because it is a superior feeling that should not be taken for granted, but that should be fed daily.

One of the nicest ways to make our love grow and our relationship to flourish is having special details with our beloved one; details that will make them smile and think of us happily.

Sometimes we believe that the other knows how we feel and that is why we stop saying it. However, for the other person it is very nice to hear about our feelings, so we should not deprive them from such a nice thing, especially when it is so easy to say what we feel to someone we love and with whom we share so much already.

A simple means of doing so, is sharing with that person a sentence that will let him or her know just how much we love them.
romantic text messages for girlfriend
Let your heart speak and give your touch to some of the phrases listed below, in order to share them with that special little person.

Download unique love wishes quotes :

:: “I thank heaven for its absolute generosity when putting you in my way. I never thought I could learn such great happiness as the one I experience daily when I am around you. I am the happiest person on the face of Earth and I would not change my life for anyone’s. I love you and I love you more”.
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romantic i love you card message for girlfriend
:: “The love I feel for you is infinite, because I have seen the goodness in your soul. Since I met you, I knew you were my savior; it could not be have been a coincidence that you showed up when you were most needed. I love our Lord and the days that He has given us, because life is sweeter now more than ever. I adore you; you have no idea of just how much”.

Category :Love wishes quotes

:: “I think that my body is not big enough to keep all the love I have for you. Sometimes I feel that I can explode and that is why I express myself, in order to release some of the pressure that makes my chest feel pumped. I love you, I miss you, I think of you, I love you again”.
Category :Love wishes quotes

:: “We share so much love that we are able to achieve everything we set our minds to do, because when you have love, it can all be real, you just got to work for it. You came to become my motivation, my goal, and my motive. I could not thank you enough, not even if I dedicate my life to it, because you have given me more than I deserve and that I can receive. Thank you so much, I love you infinitely”.
Category :Love wishes quotes

:: “I think that since the first time you saw me, there was no going back and that we were caught in a whirlwind with no end. I am forever yours forever and you are forever mine, because we are now one and our hearts beat in unison. I think that taking it slow and allowing ourselves to get to know and understand each other, was key in this relationship, because I feel like I am with my best friend, my soul mate”.
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:: “You are the spark that has managed to turn my life, the battery that manages to keep things running, moving relentlessly, all to get closer to you and to hold you closer to me. You are the love of my life and I think I have never felt like this before”.

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:: “My love for you is infinite; for some it will sound exaggerated, but I think it is because, unfortunately, they have not had the fortune of knowing and experiencing something as pure as what we live on a daily basis. I love you and I think I was born to love you, because it feels completely natural and it comes directly from my soul”.
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Blessed are those who were brave enough to risk for love and who came out gracefully of the battle, taking the top prize: mutual love.

Let us give ourselves a moment each day to appreciate the person who gives us so much, either through a sentence as the ones you have been presented with, or perhaps by a gesture of affection.

Do not take for granted the happiness you have, because it is something that fleets when we are not careful enough. See you soon!

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