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If you’re registered on facebook, maybe you have received a love chain, but what are love chains exactly? Well, love chains are kind of messages that people post on their facebook friend’s walls. A chain is a message, a phrase or a short story that at the end has a prediction of what could probably happen if you resend or not the chain to other friends.
If we talk about love chains, they tell you what will happen in your love life. Do you want to start a love chain with your friends on facebook? Well. In this article we show you some examples of love chains for Facebook. Use these love chains to make your friends have fun and stay in contact.
Free list of love chains for Facebook:
:: “Love is something beautiful because it fills of happiness anyone’s life. If you are falling in love of somebody and you want that person think about you, there’s something you can do. Resend this message to 10 friends and that person will call you this week, to 20 and that person will look for you in three days, more than 30 and that person will knock your door today”
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:: “Kiss me and I give you o my heart in exchange, give me your love and I give you my whole life. Send this message to more than 15 contacts the next five minutes and tomorrow you’ll meet the love of your life, If you don’t, you’ll have bad luck in love”
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:: “Yesterday I had a dream, an angel came from de the sky, kissed me and took me to the paradise, that angel was you. If you want the angel of love take care of your relationship, send this message to 20 people right now otherwise the person you love will go away from you”
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:: “Don’t be sad for not having someone to love, in your destiny is written that you’ll find someone to love sooner or later. If you want to meet your love soon, resend this message to 60 friends and you’ll meet your love in less than 30 days, to 80 fiends and you’ll meet him/her in less than 15 days, to more than 100 friends and you’ll meet him/her this week”
Category :Love chains for Facebook
:: “If you’re falling in love, don’t hide your feelings; don’t waste more time and tell her/him what you feel. If you want that special person accepts your love, resend this message to all the people you can in less than 10 minutes and it’s sure that person will accept your love”
Category :Love chains for Facebook
:: “If every night you dream about the love of your life, now you have the chance to turn your dream in real. Resend this message to 20 male contacts and 20 female contacts and before the day is over you’ll be with the person you love”
Category :Love chains for Facebook
We hope these love chains for Facebook liked you. Send these love chains to all your friends and they’ll have good luck in their love life.

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