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The death of a friend is a very sad situation because when someone dies, all who were part of his life falls into in a deep sorrow feeling. In a moment like this the relatives and friends of the deceased need to be comforted to relieve some of the grief they feel. So you must express your condolences to those who are mourning and what better way to do this by a supportive phrase.

In this article we bring a list with many phrases of condolence. Choose the most appropriate for the occasion and send it to those who are suffering the loss of family, let them to receive your consolation.

Free list of condolences messages for friends:

– “Get my heartfelt condolences for the death of your sister; I know I am very lucky to have known her and to been able to share some of the joy that characterized her.”
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– “Tears relieve some of the pain we feel but we must be strong and take comfort in knowing that now she stands next to God and rest in peace. We will be greatly missed. “
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– “He had a short life but he leaves us a very special and worthy of imitation life lesson. Receive my deepest sympathy, must be strong.”
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– “It is very painful to lose someone who wanted with all your heart. It’s a very difficult time but I want you to know that we are here to help you with whatever you need.”
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– “It is a great sadness that your father has died; always remember him because he was a great man who fought for his family. I know I will treasure his memory fondly, receive my sincere condolences. “
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– “A friend has left us after being with us for so long, how many wonderful times we shared at his side but it’s time to say goodbye to him. May God keep you in his glory. “
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– “It is a sad day because of the death of your grandmother, but take comfort in knowing that she is calmed and at peace with everyone. What she had the most in this sad day for everyone, was the love and company of all her family. I assure you that she will take care for us from heaven with a sweet smile.”
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– “My condolences for the death of your husband, I know he was a great man and he lived very happy by your side, you are also a great wife and now from heaven he will take care of you and your son.”
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– “Death is also part of our lives and sometimes our time here may be short but I know she was very happy with you because she received your love every day of the year. I now that someday you will meet again. My sincere condolences.”
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Remember that these words can comfort the people who are grieving the loss of a loved one; we assure that you are going to receive all the love and appreciation of his relatives and friends.

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