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As the months go by we become less expressive with our family and we love to show them how we are. Or maybe we want to say how much you love them, but we do not know how.
In this article, we present some beautiful messages of love that you can dedicate to your boyfriend and that would make the flame of love grows stronger every day.
Free list of love messages for my boyfriend:
:: “I still remember that time when you asked me to be your girlfriend, I felt very happy because it was what I had been hoping for. I want to tell you that so far I’m in love with you and want to continue with you the rest of my life”. Category :love messages
:: “Every day I wake up very happy because I have your love, when I have problems, you give me your support. I appreciate that very much because you give meaning to my life”. Category :love messages
:: “Sometimes you have comforted me, many times you have made me forget my worries and you have always shown me that I am the most important for you, for those reasons I want you to know that I love you as I never imagined”. Category :love messages
:: “Before I knew you all was a full routine, but then you showed up and all things changed. I love you my prince , you bring happiness to my life”. Category :love messages
:: “Time passes and I realize I just want to be with you forever. I wish you always would give me a kiss every morning and a warm hug at night”. Category :love messages
:: “When I see you my heart starts beating very strong. You’re the guy who I was always looking for and now that I’ve found you I feel a great joy”. Category :love messages
:: “I have a beautiful feeling that runs through my body, it all makes sense when I’m with you, thanks for making me feel so happy”. Category :love messages
:: “When I’m with you I forget all my problems and my happiness is complete. I feel like I do not even need air because you are enough, I never thought that I could love like this”. Category :love messages
:: “If you were not here I could not live, my lips need your kisses . Never go far from me my love, I was born to love you”. Category :love messages
:: “When you hold me I feel as if our hearts were just one and there is nothing cuter than feeling the warmth of your body. I adore you my beloved boyfriend and I want to tell you that I could not live without you”. Category :love messages
:: “Every time we start planning our future, a great joy fills my heart because I know we will be together forever to love each other without limits”. Category :love messages
:: “When I listen you saying I love you, that awakens the most beautiful feelings in my heart. You are the man who I always waited for, I love you so much”. Category :love messages
:: “Do not know how my life would be without your love? I just don’t want to think about that. You give meaning to everything so I want always to be with you”. Category :love messages
:: “If I tell you I love you to infinity is still little, no words can express all the love I feel for you, you’re a lovely guy and I’ll never stop loving you”. Category :love messages
We hope you send some of these messages to your boyfriend. Saying I love you is very important for your relationship.
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