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One of the nicest things you can do for the girl of your dreams, the ones that captivates you and makes you fall for her every day, is to express how much you love her and you value her; it is a very simple gesture you can have with her that she will appreciate for sure.
Every girl likes to constantly be told how appreciated and valued she is, so take any day and tell her something nice, because a major celebration is not necessary for you to tell her all that she represents in your life.
On the lines below we offer you a series of messages of how to do this; remember that you can take the ones you like the most because they are free and developed precisely to help you express yourself better in these situations.
Free list of love messages for my girlfriend:
:: “It may be very difficult sometimes for you to conceive completely all the love I have for you, because a way to measure it accurately and precisely has not been invented yet. What I feel is so great that sometimes I feel that it overwhelms me, that my heart may explode and my chest would explode with it as well. The emotions that you make me feel are new to me and they do not compare with anything. I adore you, my love; you have no idea the happiness that you give me every day with your eternal company and continued support”.
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:: “Loving someone is not just about promising the sky and the stars to them, but showing every day that what we say is according to what we do, that we are consistent with our actions and our promises. This is the best way to earn someone’s trust; by demonstrating that you word matter and that you are an honest person. Everything you live with your beloved is a possibility of learning and understanding of the other and the relationship itself, so we should never dismiss what we experience without taking something from them. I know we will get very far, my love, because what we have is real and true”.
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:: “The love that has grown between us could be compared to the one in old love tales, to the one in the most romantic movies that have ever been released, because they are a whirlwind of feelings, sometimes laughter and sometimes tears, but especially a lot of love”.
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:: “I want to scream from the rooftops that I what feel for you is forever, that I will fight until the end, that I want you for real and honestly”.
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:: “To start my day in the best way, I will need to look at you, that you give me a hug, to give you a passionate kiss and for you to tell me how much you love me”.
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:: “Ever since you came into my days everything changed completely, my life took a 180 degree turn and I felt rejuvenated, almost as if I was reborn, because beside you I have gotten to known the world in a new, refreshing way, something that I could have never done without you. I love you so much”.
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:: “You light me up because your skin releases a magic light load completely out of this world. You motivate me enough to make me strive unceasingly to try new things, to break the monotony. What I love most in this world is to be with you forever and build a house in the clouds, in which we can be happy for the rest of our lives. I worship you”.
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:: “By loving sincerely, we are able to understand that we cannot own the other person, but that we can become perfect complements and synchronized. Never believe that you have rights over the other person, do not limit them, do not let it get stagnant. When you really love someone, you allows the other to explore, grow, be free and venture. That is the relationship that I want with you my life, I want us to be always close together until the end”.
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Although a message like this is very cute, we have to remember that the most beautiful thing we can have for our partners, is to love them sincerely, hiding nothing, showing us just as we are, without pretensions or delusions. Come back anytime, we will be getting more messages and advice ready. Good luck.
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