Last modified 01/20/2024

The best Windows’ Palms :

palmDuring the pass of the years, the advance of the technological career has been seen and it was almost unthinkable that two direct rivals could join each other in a strategic alliance to unify their technologies to be able to reach their own benefits. One of the most important alliances we are talking about is the one between Palm and Windows, because every Palm device has been equipped with the mobile version of Windows, also known as Windows Mobile; in the same way, they have also included a collection of multimedia applications to be exclusively used in Windows Mobile, due to the fact that it gives it a better performance.

With the arrival of the Smart phones, a hybrid among the PDS and the cell phone, its usage has become a lot more attracting, because it possesses a great variety of applications and wireless communications such as Bluetooth, Wi – Fi, IrDA and GPS, among others.

One of the last Palm devices that has been presented and that is giving Blackberries a hard time is the new Treo Pro, an advanced cell phone system directed to all of those who use the messaging and e – mail services frequently. With a weight of only 133 grams and 60 x 114 x 13 millimeters, this makes it usage even more dynamic. The Treo Pro is presented as one of the newest options in the current market.

The Treo Pro is equipped with a full QWERTY keyboard and, due to the fact it possess HSDPA, GPRS, as well as from Wi – Fi 802.11 b / g connectivity, it is possible to be connected from your work’s, home or your preference operator network, from wherever you might need it. It also has a TFT touch screen of 320 x 320 pixels, where you can use the applications it comes from, as well as add the programs your wish to, as long as they are compatible with the Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 6.1 operative system.

Another Palm that has been introduced a couple of months ago was the new Palm PREE, which was shown for the firs time in the 2009 CES, where all the functionalities and advantages it has on top of other models were shown. For example, with iPhone; the brand Palm has ser its last hope to be re launched, because, as we already know, this brand has been outdated several times by their competitors.

This device has a touch screen of 3,1 inches, a resolutions of 320 x 840 pixels, it has a flash camera of three megapixels inside and it counts with an 8 GB memory; besides, it includes a QWERTY keyboard, a GPS navigation system, Wi – Fi connectivity and HSPDA for different sites such as Facebook, Hi5 and other applications from Google. It uses a very agile operative system known as webOS, this operative system is very original because it is a platform that allows programmers to create their own programs or applications using formats that are much known nowadays, such as: Xhtml, CSS or the famous java Script.

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