Last modified 10/09/2023

New Mac Book Launch :

last-mac-bookA little time ago the launch of the new Mac Book notebooks has been announced; these count with a revolutionary design based on aluminum, modifications on its track pad and a new video card. Apple has made strong investments on its notebook, making the little apple brand to have even more brand products, besides iPod, and always, as well as the public is willing to pay for them.

This new notebook collection is characterized for its esthetically appealing design, besides from that, it incorporates very interesting changes on its hardware and in the manufacturing process, as well as on its applications.

Starting on the Mac Book’s exterior, the construction process has radically changed, this is due to the introduction of a new method called Mac Book Brick, even though Apple calls is Unibody, this method replaces the usual fabrication in which polycarbonate was used, the innovation of this method is that it improves the design and the detail precision because aluminum blocks are been used and they are delineated through a very precise laser until the required shape is obtained, so the assemble process starts; besides, with this new method, they contribute recycling.

There are also new changes regarding its track pad; it did not had a secondary button as any other mouse or track pad does, meaning that there was only one button. Now, with the new Mac Book generation that has changed, because now it does not have any button at all, making the area in which the cursor is controlled to be forty percent bigger. Besides from that, the track pad’s surface has also been changed for a polished glass, according to Apple, this material will improve precision when driving the cursor. But, probably, what will impress the Apple users the most is their new Multi – Touch system, which makes possible using more than a finger, copying iPhone’s touch screen that has made possible controlling the zoom, the movement, moving files and many other more functionalities.

Regarding the new Mack Book’s hardware, several adjustments have been done to apply the newest and more recent technological applications; such is the case of the new Penryn processor, which counts with six cores and with an impressive cache level. Also, among its most recent novelties, we see that the RAM memory has evolved to a DDR3 platform, because with the 106 MHz bus used by the Penryn processor, it needs a memory to match its level. It also has a 2 GB memory in its system, which can be expanded up to 4 GB, and they have not forgotten about Gamers, because they have included two new Nvidia graphic processors, the GeForce 9400 M and 9600 M, and with it the new 9000 series of Nvidia graphic cards have been presented exclusively for Mac Books.

This new computer series has proved a collection of more than meaningful novelties; let’s just hope that the final price of this new fleet is not more than meaningful as well.

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