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Have you asked yourself what love is? Many people have asked the same questions for years and it’s still difficult to answer for most of us. Well, we can say the love is the biggest, purest and most wonderful feeling that exit on earth.
People do amazing things for love and it can be expressed in different ways according to the one you give. Love is not only the feeling we have for our fiancé; the real meaning of this word is not just related to romantic love.
In this article, we are going to talk about the different kinds of love. Discover what kind of love you’re felling right now.
Romantic love
Romantic love is when people fall in love with somebody. Romantic love is a feeling that usually starts suddenly after meeting the one you love. However, some people become friends first and then their friendship turns into love. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman for falling in love. When you fall in love with somebody, you’ll feel your life is linked to that person and nobody else is important for you.
Mother’s love
The love a mother feels for her child and the love a child feels for its mother is the selfless feeling of all. Mother’s love starts since a woman knows is pregnant and it continues for her whole life. This magic connection between a mother and her child is impossible to break and even though a person is not good, he/she will be always loved by his/her mother.
Love yourself
The love you feel for yourself is known as self-esteem and it’s very important to be happy and succeed in life. Self-esteem means that you love yourself the way you are, with your strengths and weaknesses. Love yourself also means you have confidence about the things you do and you are careful about your decisions.
Love for our job
There’s an old saying, “things work when you do with love”. Work with effort in the things you like and you live happily. If you love your job, you won’t get tired easily when working hard. On the contrary, it will be an activity you’ll enjoy to do. Love our job means to be responsible and do the best. The money is necessary but it doesn’t have a real worth unless you love your job.
Love for friends
The love we feel for our friends is a nice feeling and it will last forever if the friendship is sincere. A real friendship has no hidden interests; a real friendship is showed with actions. Love for friends mean that we stay with them in the good and bad times. Also, it means that we support and help them when it’s necessary, as they will do with us.

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