Last modified 01/27/2024

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Job opportunities in Italy for an immigrant will be many, as long as he or she is a legal resident, has a good command of the Italian language and shows work experience, besides from been community, but if he or she is not, he or she will only be accepted when he or she is sponsored by a company.

Italy is a part of the European Union, which allows any immigrant who gets the Italian citizenship to also get the European citizenship and gets access to any job in any part of the European territory.

But those immigrant who do not have that possibility, can have greater possibilities of economic development through job opportunities and all of that because Italy is a highly industrialized and developed country, which is a part of the G8 Summit, which is a group formed by the eight most industrialized countries in the world, which is reflected in a strong economy and their need for skilled and non – skilled work force.

But work opportunities are not found all over Italy, but in some cities and regions, such as the north region, where you can find Lombardy, Piamonte, specifically in cities such as Milan, Genoa or Turin. Many of the jobs are related to agriculture and tourism, as well as to the industries of dress and footwear.

Looking for a job is easier when you go to newspapers, job agencies and the Internet. Regarding the Internet, the following websites are very visited, due to the fact that they contain a great amount of job offers. 

Many of these websites offer the possibility of a free  paid subscription, so you receive their newsletters in the inbox of your personal e – mail; in this way, you will have a wide variety of job offers without the need of visiting these sites constantly. These Italian job offers can go from specialized offers (which count with high skilled requirements) down to part time and seasonal jobs.

Every immigrant must know the Italian language if he or she wants to have better perspectives in his or her job seeks. The experience obtained in certain work field is also vital, because Italian employer give much importance to anyone who has work experience. Italian employers also prefer those who have the legal residence permission.

Those immigrants who had a college degree in their countries of origin, are able do revalidate their titles in the case of the professions regulated by the Italian Law, in some cases, they are forced to take some revalidations courses, which could last up to three years and they cannot practice legally until then. There are other professions that are not regulated by the law and the immigrant who has the legal residence permission can practice them without having to go under any revalidation process.

Finally, job opportunities in Italy will always be many, as long as the immigrant knows what to do in every case, because if he or she is not a part of the community, the only way of accessing a job position is by been sponsored by a company.

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