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is it possible to track a mobile phone,track a mobile phone,how to track a mobile phoneHow to trace a Mobile phone location :

The mobile phone or also called cell phones are actually a great help to establish some conversations between many users. This service meant a great advance for the system of telecommunications, which was focused on the communication through the technological advance. According to the norms for the system of communication with cell phones, there must be a private signal for each user, and the companies are obligated to offer the information each user as a restricted data.

In the late times, this kind of technology has been modified many times, that meant some bad news for the networks of some users. The private signal has been modified badly by some computer pirates or hackers, which can change the signals so they can track down a mobile phone. For that reason some companies have been elaborating many systems to track down the signals of the phone through satellites. This project was created principally to locate the thieves and also the hackers. After that, this technology was adapted to locate people and places through the kind of signal GPS and GSM.

Tracking down a mobile phone is actually possible as long as the cell phone counts with a few characteristics to be tracked down by the GSM service, besides it must count with the number of the cell phone so it can be located through the satellite signals of the mobile phone. You must know that if you want to track down a cell phone, it must be turned on and you should possess the exact configuration of the system’s inner chip.

This kind of activity is also used to obtain the location of the cell phones when they were stolen. This kind of tracking down through satellite is used by any kind of company around the whole world, however this is forbidden to the regular users who depend on the telephone service because the mobile signal is open normally but the it is private for each user. Even with the creation of these norms, many good hackers, I mean really good ones, have created some programs which allow performing the same activity but hidden in the dark, I mean like something clandestine.
Today many cell phones count with the GPS signal on them, which works with satellites and this service is offered to the users to locate places geographically over the whole country. Through this kind of signal you can locate many places around the entire planet, besides if you count with the GPS signal of another cell phone, it can be tracked down and located easily. 
The satellite signals are the only one which can make easy the activity of tracking down many cell phones, because thanks to this service many thieves have been captured, of course this does not mean good news for them but whatever man… however many of these people are really careful with this kind of system, they take off the battery from the phone or they know how to change the configuration of the chip so that way it will not be tracked down by any satellite.
Finally, it is not recommendable to give the phone number to any careless people, because it has been detected that many extortions and kidnappings are occurring thanks to this kind of frauds with the satellite signals, because they offer a great amount of information about the possible victim. The service of tracking down the cell phone is commoner in the present days, but a great part of this service is being used by the thieves and the famous hackers, which will look for the address of the victim and after doing that process, the robbery will be committed.
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is it possible to track a mobile phone,track a mobile phone,how to track a mobile phone,tracking a mobile phone

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