Last modified 01/25/2024

The great success of Verizon at the United States of America :

Verizon is actually an American company which offers the service of telecommunication with a wide broad-band at the United State. At the beginning, this company was established with the name of Bell Atlantic Corporation by the AT&T Corporation, on June 30th, 2000, the Bell Atlantic Corporation bought some shares from GTE and later it changed the name to Verizon Communication Inc. since then, it begun the great success of this company, because at a certain moment, this company was the most expensive one with 52 billion of American dollars as value.

Actually, Verizon counts with more than 150 million of active users; this puts Verizon as the biggest mobile operator at the U.S.A. this great company has a great arsenal of telecommunications around the whole world, because it is also a mobile phone operator which offers wireless internet with 3G and 4G technology on its cell phones, likewise it has an open digital TV signal.

The good diffusion of its technology has provoked the attention of many companies like Google, which has unified forces with Verizon to offer neutrality on the network, this agreement caused a lot of rumors and misunderstandings because the wide broad-band suppliers will be affected with this kind of arrangement.

Actually, Motorola, Samsung and Google has became allies with Verizon, so that way they will be able to improve their products and build the tablets android Samsung and Motorola; of course we cannot forget about the new kinds of models for the cell phones, which will give a hard fight against the famous iPhone 4G and the iPad.

Actually, Verizon has focused its efforts on the direction of its own process, and this has been a great help to end up the conclusion that lately they are the best company. The quality on its many areas and the advantage offered by the improve opportunities have made something incredible through the long years working in America and if it is not enough, there is no company with the same achievements like Verizon.

But not all is success, this company always thinks about the social help, because it offers a bag of work like at the beginning; likewise it understands about responsibility offered by the service to the regular environment.

The commercial fundament of Verizon is centered on the IP network defunded on the entire world. In 1988, it received the award as the first commercial service supplier of internet, it upgrades its IP network and now it is the mother language between the companies.

Looking to the bright future, the current number of active users can increase considerably; it can reach the 2500 millions of users, and the global production of its IP network, which will keep being the principal piece for the company’s communication. The transformation will be found on the new organizations which will use the communications M2M (machine to machine); in consequence, this will open a new era for the telecommunications.

Finally, this company has showed the respective qualities why they are the best active company at the United States of America. Until now Verizon counts with a quality and trust offered to all the companies which request for this service, likewise its innovations on the network and mobile operators can transmit the planned objectives between its many industrial proposes.

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