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In every situation in which we find ourselves, we will usually be interacting with someone else. The way we do it will determine the kind of relationship we will have with the others, so we must always strive to do it the best possible way, looking at the different things that come into play when talking.
Among the factors that influence are the tone of voice, the distance between the speakers, the intentionality, and the message itself, among many others. It should also be considered that the way in which we show ourselves, the way we think, what we want and what we feel, will influence greatly the situation. Overall, it has been seen that in order to relate better with others, what we must develop the most are the following aspects:
– Be aware and listen: it is not enough to be aware, but also need to fully understand the story and explanation we are listening to. This also implies that we have to receive different stories, listen, watch and maintain our concentration. This can be enhanced if we maintain a proper posture in our body, allowing us to receive better what we are being offered.
– Respect: to show respect, it is very important we keep looking to the one speaking, listening without belittling what he says, not only him but also his message. It is important to know that it is a person who has rights and should not be lessened. Thus, we are demonstrating that we are sincere and honest, that we are comfortable with each other, and that our message is real, showing consistency between what you think and what you do.
– Be concise and specific: the ability of being concise is elemental in communication for it to be given effectively and unobstructed. With this, one can make sure that the issue will be addressed in a tangible and transcendental way, making it easier to understand everything in the best way possible without any misunderstandings.
– Be empathetic: basically, we are supposed to be able to demonstrate that we comprehend what is being said and why it is being said. It means that we are being able to understand what the content of the message and that we could even paraphrase it. This is achieved through a good body language, the words we use, the look we maintain, by respecting the space of the speaker and how we give our answers. The ideal is that we seek to understand the other person and not necessarily expect them to be the ones who understand us.
– Spontaneity: this means to be able to engage an open conversation, without obstacles with another person. For this to be given without problems, there has to be some prior relationship with the other person, which implies trust and feeling backed up. For that to take place, there must be some conflict between different views.
– Be genuine: This feature assumes that we behave and introduce ourselves before others as we really are. This will allow giving authenticity to what we say and do, for the bonds that we establish to be more sincere and real, very honest. Those who behave like this, are recognized and stand out from the rest, because they are quite comfortable and have a lot of spontaneity.
– Contrast and confront: it means being able to show the other what you are unconsciously expressing. The idea of doing this is to be able to help this person be aware of what they are saying when expressing and communicating. To be able to do this in the better way, a physical relaxation is necessary, which allows comfort over what they are going to say, because the idea is to prevent the transmission of anxiety or stress. Then, when one perceives that the intentions of the other person are objective, then it is usually easier to commit to leave the problems aside. It is necessary for the different perspectives to be brought amicably and with a good mood to build new and better things.
The skills described above have the potential to allow us to develop in a more competitive way, the way in which we interact with others, especially for work, but it is also useful in all areas.
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