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Canada work permit,Canada work visa information, Canada Jobs Information:
Although, the main reason we made the decision to immigrate is to find a better job.

However, we cannot give away everything and leave for opportunities without first informing us about the employment situation in the country we want to go to, in this case, Canada. 

Today, the labor market of developed countries, especially U.S., is pretty uncertain. This is due largely to the economic crisis that has been going on worldwide. But in countries where labor is scarce, such as Canada, the employment situation requires increased capacity requirements and to achieve a job that meets our main expectations. 
So if you want to work in Canada legally, the first thing to know is that foreigners have two forms recognized by the Canadian federal government with which you can access the labor market of that country. 
One form is consists in obtaining a temporary work permit. It is therefore necessary to have a job, certified by the Office of Human Resources Development of Canada (HRDC). In addition, you must obtain a visa (see the Canadian embassy in your area if your country of origin is excluded from this item). The applicant must leave Canadian territory, before the expiry of their temporary work permit. There is no way the Canadian embassy will ever issue work permits for applicants who are wishing to travel in order to be able to seek employment. 
The process of issuing a temporary work permit is very strict. Therefore you should take precautions. It is better if you perform this procedure in time to avoid complications. 
But there is also the option of immigration or permanent residence. In any of the three methods (independent, family reunification and business), the Canadian government is not responsible for finding a job for you, it only guarantees access to its territory with full rights (except voting) and obtaining federal and various organizations aid that will support installation to all immigrants. 
The great dilemma faced by all immigrants, especially the independent ones, is how to find employment. The Canadian labor market is a market without a wide diffusion, as is customary in Latin America. The most often used methods are personal recommendations for access to various jobs. 
In different provinces of Canada, you will be able of finding agencies relating to immigrants, with diverse skills and experiences, networking. Thus, the immigrant can find a job commensurate with their level of preparedness. 
On the Internet, there are several pages containing information on job offers in every Canadian province. You have nothing to lose looking for information on the Canadian labor market picture on the Web. Do not forget, that in times of crisis, the situations are changing too fast. 
Some search terms that could give you some valuable information could be: Workers Employment Program, Immigrant Career Connections, Employment Assistance Services, and Labor Market Information Centers. Call information in English or French, which will ensure that content is updated. 
Legally working in Canada as a worker, kind of assumes that you are able to take up the challenge of proving, in a culturally different environment, your professional skills and / or techniques. Therefore you must be well informed before making this important decision, especially to avoid falling into superficial expectations. 


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