Last modified 01/27/2024

Tips & Advice for Potential Immigrants to Canada : 

The decision to migrate is not an easy one at all. It was not before leaving your home country, leaving everything behind and neither will be once you arrive to your destination.

Succeed will not depend on your abilities, but in your attitudes. The first thing you think is that things will change and that you will not live in the same way as you did in your country of origin. 
Please note that you will find a very different culture to what you were used, a very particular view of life, a different language and a very cold climate. Language and cultural barriers persist, at least during the first six months of your stay in the city you have chosen to reside in. 
So, what should you do to keep that experience in Canada from been a frustrating experience? In the following lines, I will give you some quick tips for you to continue your journey in Canada and give up on the idea of returning to your country of origin. 
The first thing you should do is write your Curriculum Vitae (CV) it could be written in English or in French, depending on the province you have chosen to live at. The structure of your CV should be the one commonly used in the Canadian territory. Priority is given to the contact details (e – mail, address and phone) and to your previous experience. The extension must not exceed from two pages. 
You have a very positive and active attitude to get a first job in Canada. Job search will not be easy at all, but you must have patience and confidence in your abilities and skills. You may not find a job quickly in your area of interest. So, until you get that opportunity, you should consider taking another job in an activity that can also help you developing. It is important that you achieve been able of successfully interact socially and culturally to the community in which you have chosen to reside. That way, it will be much easier for you to get a job. 
Once installed in Canada, you will enjoy the benefits of government – sponsored programs by the federal government of Canada, designed specifically to help immigrants throughout their adjustment process. If you are temporarily out of work, as an immigrant you will have access to social assistance provided by the Canadian government (an approximate amount of $ 1100 CAD per month). 
The first few months, or even the first year, you will go through the most difficult stage for the great changes you will experience. Perhaps, the best thing is to perfect the language (English or French). 

The experience in Canada is different in each person. There is not a recipe for all cases. The fact is that serenity and responsibility will allow you to overcome all obstacles that might present to you on the road. 


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