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Have you ever think about travelling to Australia? Did you know it is one of the most visited destinations by the tourists? If you are interested on taking vacations on Australia, then this essay is going to be useful for you.

Here we will try to show you why travelling to this beautiful country is more than just a good decision.

We, the people who live on this side of the world, the name Australia may seem far away from here. Surely, you do not count with any reference about it, except the sports. About Australia, we often hear on the radio, TV or another mean, about news related with the national soccer team of Australia, likewise, the well-known national rugby team. However, even if this country does not count with historical places like Europe and South America do; this country is known because of its ecological tourism and adventures.

The first we have to mention about Australia is; it actually is the 6th bigger country over the entire world, and even more interesting, it is not over-polluted. The only difficult you may have can be when you want to go and visit all the cities, because the distance between city and city is really big.

The only way to avoid this difficult is making a traveller schedule previously and think it over before taking any decision, even if you go through land. Well, the advantage of visiting the cities through land is that the roads are in perfect shape, which is the reason why, Australia is considered one of the best countries to travelling by car.

Next, we offer you some information and data about the places you must visit while you stay on the kangaroo’s land:

–      Sidney: the most recognized and interesting city of Australia, it is located in New Gales of south. Being on this beautiful city you cannot let go the chance to visit the overwhelming Opera House, Darling Harbour, the Sidney’s Bay and the “like a dream” beaches of Manli.

–       Melbourne: the modern city of Australia, it is known by its art. The most of the tourists come to this big city by the Great Ocean Road and they can contemplate a beautiful view from the seat of the car while driving by. From here you can also watch the Grand Prix of the Formula 1.

–       Caims: located to the north of Queensland, it is one of the most visited detonations of Australia because of its attractive places like the Great Wall of Coral and the Daintree national park. It is a place where you can admire its sea flora and fauna.

–       Kakadu National Park: this place is going to make you forget about the usual and dry-land image of Australia, here you will find an interesting flora and fauna. You also will be fascinated with the waterfalls Jim Jim Falls and Twin Falls.

–       Uluru: it is a place with several kinds of stones and big rocks, also known as Ayers Rock; it is located pretty close from Alice Springs, to the central place of Australia in the northern territory, which has became it into one of the most visited places of Australia. To visit this big park completely you will need several days and have a good physical shape due the weather of the place is almost over the 40º C. this huge rock has the amusing attractive of changing its colours when the night falls and when the sun is raising again, the show will let you amazed.

–       The Great Dividing Ranges: this range is known over the world by its obvious differences between each one of its sides. To the west, the territory is known because it is like a desert or almost like it and to the east, the territory counts with a beautiful coast and sea.

–       The Golden Coast: this place is located on the state of Queensland, it is known because of its adventure-sports where the adrenaline rules everywhere. Here you can be able of riding a full-engine boat at high speed, also you can see really close the whales and dolphins and even diving on Surfers Paradise. But also on this city you can take a walk and go to a safari park where you would like to visit the meadows, the farms and the waterfalls, here you also can see the kangaroo and the koala bear.

In conclusion, Australia is one of those few places over the entire world where you can completely give up to the adventure and the strong emotions. Being there you will feel like a new person and plenty of energy.

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