Last modified 10/05/2023

Computer viruses and their effects on your Pc :

The network of internet has a great disadvantage; it possesses an amazing number of viruses and also bad programs, for that reason many people keep wondering if there will be the day when a regular user can use the internet navigator without putting the computer in danger thanks to the virus which can cause a great damage to our system.

Unluckily, this objective is not possible yet because there would be some virus not just attacking but damaging our computers and trying to enter through the network to the PC. You always can be victim of any attack even if you possess the very best antivirus. The computer pirates or also known as “hackers” are creating more and more of these new bad programs and they absolutely are stronger, faster and absolutely more annoying than ever.

To say the truth, this new kinds of virus can offer a good battle against the newest and strongest antivirus. This kind of technology has started the competency movement, better kinds of attacks in one hand and of course, we have some improves, actualizations etc by the other one.

The principal objective is trying to avoid the damage to the computer; the idea is to reduce the possibility of any virus entering to our computers with many preventions and immunization strategies. But actually, it is necessary to count with certain knowledge about what kind of virus is going to attack when someone is about to use a computer with internet.

By doing that, the people can modify the configuration of some parameters and jobs for the computer to use them so it can actually prevent the direct contact with this kind of bad programs also called malware.

When the virus has infected the PC, it may appear a lot of symptoms, the performance or the configuration will become unstable, mostly, some of them can modify the Windows register, they can slow down the speed of each execution program commonly used by the user, it also can deny the internet exploration or maybe the regular documents download process will be interrupted suddenly.

Those kinds of problem are usually caused by some kind of bad code, for that reason the user must know the kind of enemy he is about to fight with. The viruses are the most dangerous menaces; they have the faculty to change the computer’s configuration completely and causing a bad performance of it, some of them can even increase their number and sometimes they can damage severely the hardware.

Actually there are many worms, these are like the bugs which get accumulated on the computer; they are the most recognized, inoffensive and easy to eliminate ones. Those programs cannot receive the name “virus” because they do not cause any kind of damage to the PC, simply overload the physical memory so it get slower little by little.

By the other hand we have the Trojans, these are the nastiest and the most difficult to eliminate programs you can ever deal with; this happens actually because there is no heuristic system to detect them on time, so that way the antivirus cannot even execute a single move against it so it remains useless. This kind of virus can be transferred by the files with the termination .Rar or maybe .Zip. Its method to enter in the computer is very nice and flashing but when it gets downloaded on the system (it may be cause with a simple click in the advertising window or perhaps with a direct download) the problems start to appear all of a sudden.

These programs usually work through the chat by sending contact links to another person automatically or maybe with the program peer to peer (P2P) like Emule, Ares or Limewire.

The Jokes are not so dangerous actually; these programs try to make some bad jokes to the victims which have been clicking on some kind of forum. Some little windows appearing on the screen and each time you try to close them up, they get appearing and appearing over and over again, although they will not cause any kind of damage to your computer, they can be really annoying, trust me.

The Hoaxes are almost like the Trojans; they attract some victims with any kind of flashing message so the user will be tempted to enter that website. Those messages are sending massively through the e-mails, the most of them are called Spam or just advertising. They are not dangerous but annoying and you can find a great amount of them if you go to internet at any time.

Actually it is time to know some ways to avoid being victims of those bad programs. Next we will mention some ways to really avoid this kind of problems.

Before anything, you must install on your computer a really good antivirus (Kaspersky, NOD32) this must be actualized and it also must count with the respective license. Beside you must count with a cookie cleaner program or anti spyware programs like the spybot or the CCleaner.

Finally, it is recommendable to not insert any suspicious dispositive which may contain any Trojan or something like that. Likewise, you must avoid downloading or installing free software on your computer from the internet, and of course, do not pay attention to those flashing windows with advertising messages, there are too many of these traps on the internet.

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