Last modified 01/25/2024

GPS usefulness :

The GPS is the Global Positioning System, known for its abbreviation in English. This system continues to gain more and more popularity and, also, more filed in the newest technological devices, such as cell phones, cameras, watches, computers, automobiles and most of these devices are no longer used by special government entities or commercial entities, but can be acquired by any common person who requires the exact information of his or her current location. 

This system works under the principle of obtaining and locating geographic coordinates through the triangulation of satellite signals. These signals come from the 27 satellites positioned in the orbit, which covers synchronized trajectories over the Earth’s surface. If you want to locate certain position, your receptor localized, at least, three satellites, from which it receives a signal, indicating the position and the clock of each one of them. This device analyses the data of this signal and synchronized the GPS clock to calculate the delay of these signals, according to that, it calculates the distance, through triangulations it calculates your position, which is why the GPS system is universal, independently from any city, street or district, the GPS will only be guide by the points of the geographic referential system. 

This system offers many great advantages, mainly, knowing any time and any localization on Earth, our exact location and altitude, thanks to the fact that this system obtains our geographical coordinates and can be introduced a reference from a city our country’s map, in any scale, of the place we are at. 

But this is not all. Besides from what has been mentioned above, this device counts with a navigation and exploration device, because it incorporates a travel computer, which informs us and brings us data about the speed, direction and address to which we are moving, it also makes calculations about the our approximate arrival time to out destinations and a GPS receptor, in which you can store important places and always know the distance and directions of how getting back to them. 

However, there are also other models of systems that are also taking field in this matter. These devices, even though they count with much innovative stuff, do not leave aside the receptor of the GPS system, one of them is the Automatic Vehicle Localization (AVL). The purpose of this system is getting to know the location, speed, etc., of any vehicle or mobile fleet; in order to do it, it uses a communication media to is base, to be able to send and receive data about is location, it could be a radio system, a mobile net contract or, also, a sort of service through some satellite communication, depending on the distance, cell phone coverage and location, you could decide between one of them, the prices vary from 200 dollars up to 2000 dollars, depending on how sophisticated the equipment might be and the usage you are giving to it. 

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