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Computer Assembly,How to assemble a PC Guide : 

Even though there are many companies that sell already assembled PC’s, it is always better to do it by yourself, although it will seem like a long job, it is pretty simple, for a person who has never done this kind of thing it will seem a little bit tiring, because he or she is going to have many doubts about the connections, which is why here I show you a guide of how to solve this task, in a way in which we will be able to mount a Pc with the characteristics we wish it to possess. 

Let’s get started, in the motherboard, we will place the processor and the memory, this task will end up been a little bit long for someone who is doing this for the first time, so try to act with as much caution as possible. 

In our motherboard we will find a little square in which there is a plastic in the LGA support, there is where we have to place the processor. First, we take out the plastic, lift the lever and release the metallic sheet that is there as a protection, we have to be careful and avoid touching the pins, because they are very delicate and can easily be spoiled. After doing this, the support is ready to receive the processor; when we take it out of its box we will see that it has a plastic wrapper, we have to be very cautious when we are taking it out from both sides, then we install the processor in the support, secure it with the metallic sheet and then we lower the lever to close it. 

Now we pass to install the DDR2 memories; these are the RAM memories and they are very easy to install, we only have to open up the support’s security racks and introduce the memories to the unit until it reaches the top, after that, it attaches itself. 

Then we have to install the cooler, which is the last component we have to set up in the motherboard. In order to be able to install it, we will need an extra element, which is a conductor paste that will fix the cooler to the processor, which is why, before fixing it, we have to spread the paste all over the processor’s metallic sheet. The cooler counts with four plastic centers that will be introduced in other orifices of the motherboard, these will be secured with four black buttons that have to be strongly pressed; they can be easily recognized because they have a turning mark which is an arrow with a spin quarter; after we have finished securing it, we will connect the power cable to the four power pins that are next to it. 

After installing the cooler, we are going to introduce the motherboard in the box in which all the components are going to meet each other. In order to be able to do this, we are going to have to free a little bit of space, this means that we will have to remove any cable that is outside the box, to secure it, first we have to fix it with the 9 towing hooks found at the bottom of the box, which need to be screw on; the most recommended thing to do will be beginning in the main screw, so you can be more comfortable when installing the other screws. 

After installing the motherboard, we are going to install the peripheral elements (CD reader, Hard drive, etc.) these elements are installed in the cabinets that are found in the superior part of the box, after putting them through the rails, you have to screw them on. 

The connection of these elements is easily done, first, when installing the components for the optical units, we have to plug it into a blue connector that is in the motherboard; the other connectors, “Master” and “Slave” are connected in any of the black and grey gates. To connect the hard drive, we will see there are three connectors, one to the motherboard and the others to the lectors; we will leave the grey free and will have it on “Master”, we place the Jumper in the “Master” and connect the IDE cable to the motherboard, the blue one, the other extreme of the IDE cable to the hard drive and, finally, we plug in the feeding cable.

Then, we are going to install the power feeding cable to all the elements joint mounted on the box. To install it, we will see that there is a compartment in the superior par in which we are going to install the source, we only have to slip it inwards and screw on, to plug the cables, we have to set them in the reader’s connection line and to the hard drive’s one, the same happens with the ATX 24 connector, which is going to be connected to the 24 pins of the sheet. 

Finally, we have to install the video card. To do this, fist we have to open up one of the box’s slots, where we are going to place the card, then we connect the pins in the respective slot where we have to press a little bit, eventually we screw on and connect the power to the PCI – Express. 

That would be it, our CPU is assembled, we only have to install it the monitor, the audio and the operative system with its respective drivers.

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