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how to regain your guyHow to recover your boyfriend or husband :
Men are more predictable than women in matters of love, because most break with their girlfriend or wife for other women, so the competition is between women, and who knows best the thought of a woman than another woman?.

So, the best way for you to recover your boyfriend or husband is making him fall in love with you all over again; yes, in love.

A few days ago I had the opportunity to watch a Peruvian television show about its celebrities; they were showing photos of a magazine in which people could see a well known folk artist kissing another man, a man who was not her partner.

Not happy with showing the photographs on national television, the program’s crew went after the cheated man, who knew nothing about it and, when he saw the pictures, he was completely devastated and begin talking about how we has now carried away by despair and his grief regarding the expectations of marriage he had and how now they were shattered, while heavy tears wet his face.

Days later, in the same program, the host invited the couple to ask about their current situation and the woman showed remorse and asked her ex for reconciliation, as her partner had left home. When he did not answer back, she began accusing him, saying that his attitude was the cause of her cheating, because he had female friends who called him by phone and that, although she asked that he no longer frequented them, he refused; the man finally asked her for three days to make a final decision.

As you can see from the example above, real life is full of setbacks and disappointments in the relationship, but the male conception in the Latin American, society forgives the infidelity of man, saying that its part of his very condition of man and justifying it by saying that he is been a constant subject to weaknesses of the flesh, he ends up been a victim, instead of a victimizer; which does not happen in the case of women.

But, what should a woman who wants to get a husband or boyfriend back, has to do in order to fulfill her goals? Well, the first thing she should do is asking her what feelings for this man does she has? Is it love, pity, sorrow or custom? Because if what she feels is among the last three feelings listed, then it is not worth a try, because a relationship sustained on that basis would not last long. On the other hand love is a good incentive to try to recover it.

A second action to realize is that women must question if her boyfriend or husband really loves and respects her, because otherwise it is not worth a try either.

Elucidated these fundamental questions and if the positive response appears in both cases, the recovery process starts and the first thing to do is to seek dialogue, not a dialogue of the guilt and blame, but an open conversation where everyone recognizes their respective fields of failure in the relationship and what they intend to do in order to overcome it.

Many of the reasons that affect the separation of a pair are linked to jealousy that generate insecurity in the relationship and money problems, because if only the man works a woman is highly dependent and becomes overly possessive in their marriage.

Remember there are not infallible books, nor 7 nor 5 rules for getting your boyfriend or husband back, the solution is in you and the other element in this process of recovery is having a positive attitude with which you face your partner to recover him, no sad faces or tears, perhaps because maybe he left for that kind of behavior.

Another tip: do not let anyone intrude on the recovery of your boyfriend or husband, as they will always be seen as the bad guy.

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