Last modified 01/27/2024

Hiring temporary foreign workers in Canada : 

To travel to Canada there are different ways, some more complicated and strict than others.

One of these routes is from temporary jobs that allow you not only know the Canadian reality, but also enter the labor market. 
Now, for you to be able to work temporarily in Canada, it is required for you to have a job offer, before starting the processing of temporary work. But how can you get access to a short – term employment in Canada? 

There are cases of university students who decide to leave their countries of origin and head to Canada, in order to learn more about their culture or trying to improve their level of proficiency in English or French. However, most temporary workers who enter Canada each year are technically trained workers, agricultural or customer (in hotels and recreation centers). 
Temporary job offers can be found at various web portals, outsourcing generally. It is these agencies that are responsible for seeking temporary staff for various companies based in Canada. The requirements are based on have experience in manual work or customer service. Yours is the task to find a job that fits your profile. 
Now, to work in Canada, it is necessary to have a work permit, where they detail the specific activity to be performed, and the extension of the contract. The Canadian government regulates the entry of workers, according to their preferential policies to the national workforce. So to get your work permit it is required for an assessment by Canadian authorities, who will determine if you qualify to enter the labor market of their country. 
As mentioned in previous lines, the start of proceedings to obtain a work permit for Canada, assumes that you have a job offer. There is no way, the Canadian government will ever allow someone into Canada to begin his or her new job search. 
Applying for a work permit application, the closest Canadian embassy requires the following documents: completed application in English and / or French, family information, pay the processing fee the application, valid passport and effect, two identical photographs, passport – sized color or black and white (no older than six months), provide a breakdown of labor supply, certified by the employer (you must specify the name of the company or Employer person), details of the position (name, reference, salary and length of employment) and the skills required to perform the job; documents supporting studies and concluded to date, establish the work experience certificate of police records. Finally, if the job offer is in the province of Quebec, you must obtain the Certificate of Acceptance of Quebec Immigration Service. 
Access to temporary employment in Canada requires a rapid procedure, but rigorous. This is due to competition for the job. However, it is the way to get a first look at this country for a subsequent permanent immigration. 

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