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Canadian citizenship,applications test and fees for canadian : 

If you are an immigrant in Canada and you feel happy in this country, the next step you should take is to get the Canadian citizenship. So you can still successfully complete your plans in the nation that has welcomed you. 
If you have resided for a while in Canada, thanks to your permanent residence visa, it is likely that what you discovered in this country has fascinated you. You feel great in the city that you have chosen to live at. But that is not all what this country has to offer to you yet. 

Canada offers citizenship and to be recognized worldwide as a Canadian citizen. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss everything a Canadian immigrant has to know about getting the Canadian citizenship. 
As you know, you get an immigrant status in Canada (through the immigration program) which is the status of a permanent resident. With this condition, migrants enjoy the same rights as any Canadian citizen except the right to vote and the acquisition of a Canadian passport. 
To be able of getting access to these important rights, it is necessary to apply for the Canadian citizenship. For this, the resident immigrant needs to know that, in order to perform this procedure, he or she must wait for three years. That is, the immigrant must have a permanent residence of at least 1095 days. Other important requirements are: Be 18 years old and speak fluent English or French.

You must also pass before an immigration judge two assessments. One exam is about the country’s general knowledge (history, geography, politics, government, economics, etc.), and another one of adequacy of the two official languages. Finally, the immigrant who wants to be a Canadian citizen must also show knowledge about the rights and duties of citizens of that country. 
The immigration judge is responsible for granting the applicant, held after the swearing ceremony, the Canadian Citizenship Certificate. 
Then, the documentation required for the proper beginning of the procedure involves the submission of: a copy of the Proof of resident status in Canada (PR Card, required since the year 2004), a copy of the application for citizenship, two passport – sized no older than 12 months photographs (as provided by the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration), paying the sum of $ 200 for the Receiver General of Canada ($ 100 for the processing of the application and $ 100 for the Right to Citizenship), copies of two forms of identification (for example, your driver’s license or health card). 
Once he or she has obtained his or her Canadian citizenship, an immigrant’s life changed in some important ways. For example, being a Canadian citizen gives him or her right to enter, remain and leave Canada at any time the immigrant might want to. This is guaranteed in the Canadian charter.

In addition, the Canadian citizen cannot be deported. On the other hand, you can access all political rights endorsed by the Constitution. That is, you can elect and be elected. You will also have more options for getting a job in the federal government. To do this you must show respect for the Queen of the United Kingdom, knowing the laws of Canada and fulfill the duties of all the Canadians. 
To access the Canadian citizenship it is necessary for you to make a commitment to society, a commitment that involves you having opened the doors and allowed you to perform your dreams. While there are a number of requirements must be met to complete this process, some assessments may be exempted depending on the applicant’s age and the time you have permanent residence in Canadian territory.

What you should remember is that this is an important step that implies certain responsibilities. 

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