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Social networks are very popular on internet. Millions of people in the world use social networks daily to contact their family and friends. Since they were created, social networks like Facebook, MySpace, Hi5 and others have completely changed the way we communicate completely. On social networks we can interact with our friends, either by chatting or posting messages. We can also share photos and videos as well as comment on them.

Today, thanks to cell phone technology, we can access our existing social network accounts from a mobile phone and thus keep in touch with our friends at all times and wherever we are. In this article we will discuss two of the most popular social networks today. We will look at how Facebook and Google+ are similar and different.

In Facebook we find our contacts on the left side of the screen. We can look up our Messenger friends and other email services with the friend finder. We can also sort our best friends, family and your contacts thanks to intelligent lists, which are automatically updated according to the information from the contacts we add.

In Google+ we can look for our Messenger and Yahoo friends with the search people button. After adding contacts, we can organize them in circles, which help group our coworkers and family, and share information which only concern the group you belong to.

In Facebook we can upload photos and sort them by albums. We can also say if we like each photo and comment on it. We can also do that with videos, which we can upload from YouTube into our profiles and share them with the rest. We can tag photos with our friends’ names and so the rest can know who our friends are.

In Google+ we can upload photos from our computer and see photos from people who belong to any of the groups we created. We can add a description and our friends cancomment on them. As for videos, we can also upload them and share them from YouTube or our mobile phone.

Facebook allows us to post announcements about events and products we are selling.Many well known companies publish their products on Facebook because this social network has become one of the most visited sites on the internet.

In Google+ we can create a page about a business, a company, a brand or any other topic we want to post on our profile and our followers’. These pages help talk face to face with interested people, who will say how they liked your page with the +1 button.

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google+ vs facebook, google+ facebookwhich is better google or facebook,will google+ replace facebook

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