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Find sweet Goodnight texts
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The night is also an accomplice of lovers who seek inspiration in the moon and the stars because they are a complement to romanticism that should not be lacking in any relationship. If you want to wish your better half sweet dreams, do it with a tender good night message.

Read carefully the following lines and choose the phrase that on this night you would like to dedicate to your partner to light your most romantic side.Download I miss you good night love text messages

Best goodnight text messages
to make her fall in love with you

:: “You are always in my thoughts and caressing you from the distance that separates us I wish you a happy night”.

:: “Tonight we will not be together, I hope you get this message in time, from someone who always thinks of you”.

:: “When the night comes a star goes out, it is you who slowly assume its form so that when you are by my side you only shine for me”.

:: “Tonight I will fall asleep thinking about you, without being able to touch you or feel the smell of your skin, I really need you”.May you have golden dreams best Whatsapp text messages

Beautiful good night messages of love
to share by Messenger

:: “Before going to sleep I have thrown a kiss to the wind and I have asked it to fly towards you to wish you sweet dreams”.

:: “Good evening, my love, we will be together again in our dreams full of love and tenderness”.

:: “For you my sweet and great love who is capable of awakening immense emotions I wish you a serene night”.

:: “Good evening my silver star, May you have dreams that you can make reality”.

:: “Before sleeping look at the sky, choose a star and put it my name, think it will be there to illuminate your life. Good night”.Download beautiful good night love messages and romantic cards

Pretty good night quotes
to share by mobile

:: “I dedicate you the most beautiful and luminous star on the planet, I hope it makes you dream like I do with you”.

:: “Every night before I go to bed I ask God to bless our love for it is very beautiful. I love my darling and I wish you sweet dreams”.

:: “Since I cannot give you a big goodnight kiss, I send you this text. I hope you sleep with the angels. I love you so much”.

:: “Sweet dreams my darling, may you dream very nice things. Tomorrow we are going to live very special moments”.

Beautiful good night love text messages to send by Messenger

Download best good night
love messages and images

:: “I send you an ocean of kisses and a sea of ​​tenderness. Sweet dreams, my queen”.

:: “I really like you my princess, not only for your physical side but for your personality. You have me surrendered of love at your feet and I want you to know that my feelings for you will never change. May you sleep with the angels”.

:: “Have a restful sleep my beloved boyfriend. Today was a wonderful day with you and I wish that good times like this are always repeated ”

:: “What would I not give this to be by your side tonight. May you visit me in my dreams so that I wake up with a big smile tomorrow”.

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Love pretty good night phrases
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:: “Your love is the motivation that I needed in my life. Every night I go to sleep feeling a great joy for you are the best that has happened to me”.

:: “Darling, tonight I will be with you until the perfume of dawn wakes me from the dream of having you by my side”.

:: “With you I feel strong feelings like love, I wish you good night sweet love of mine”.

:: “Tonight, do not be afraid to feel alone, I have asked the moon and the stars to protect your dreams and I hope mine would bring me close to you”.Romantic good night phrases you should say so your love

Romantic good night love messages
to make her fall in love

:: “God allowed me to get to know you and you do not know how happy I am to have you by my side. May you have sweet dreams my beloved boyfriend”.

:: “A big goodnight kiss to the most beautiful girl of all. What a great joy it is to have your love and own your heart, may you sleep with the angels”.

:: “Every time I go to sleep I think about how beautiful our love is. May you rest well my dear, see you tomorrow”.

:: “I will be able to sleep peacefully just knowing that you will sleep thinking about me. Dream with me tonight, darling”.

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Sweet & romantic good night messages
for girlfriend for WhatsApp

:: “I would be very happy if you were by my side so that I could give you a goodnight kiss. Have a good rest my darling”.

:: “Good evening my queen, today the moon and the stars will be illuminating your beautiful face while you have sweet dreams”.

:: “You are extremely beautiful and every night you look more like a star. Sweet dreams”.

:: “You are so beautiful when you sleep that the moon and the stars are the echo of your beauty. Sweet dreams”.

:: “Good night and golden dreams for my princess who made this day fantastic by her side. I love you so much”.Download sweet I miss you good night quotes for WhatsApp

Download cute good night
love phrases and images

:: “Darling, May in this cold and lonely night, you would dream with me so that you would feel my warmth and that my love accompanies you while you sleep”.

:: “Sweetheart, before you fall asleep, please wait for the kiss that I sent you with the light of the moon so you won’t forget to dream about me”.

:: “Good evening, honey, thank you for a splendid day by your side. Dream with me. I love you”

:: “Sweetheart, I hope that this problem of dreaming about you and waking up without you would be solved as soon as possible”.Download best love good night messages from the heart

Romantic good night messages for the one you love

:: “You are my dream come true, my fantasy fulfilled, for that reason I want destiny to allow us to finish our love story until the end”.

:: “Tonight, like every day since I fell in love with you, I say goodbye and I wish you have the sweetest dreams”.

:: “Good evening love, I want you to rest knowing that my love for you is infinite”.

:: “Good evening, my queen, thank you because today we completed another chapter of our long love story”.

:: “Darling, I send you a short message that summarizes all the love for you that I have inside me. Sweet dreams”.Romantic & charming good night text messages for girlfriend

Find best good night
love cards with romantic quotes

:: “Honey, there is time to love, have fun and enjoy; now it is time to rest and prepare your mind to dream with me”.

:: “Have a quiet and nice dream and if you want it to be real, you just have to dream with me”.

:: “The most beautiful moment of the night is when we prepare to sleep together. Sweet dreams my love”.

:: “You make me happy with so little, you smile at me by saying goodbye every night to give me encouragement while you let yourself be wrapped the arms of Morpheus”.

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