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The Italian nation is part of the European Union and here you can find a lot of professionals, technical and foreign employees, because working in this nation has many advantages.
The remuneration is paid per hour and all workers receive the benefits of the law. There are many jobs that require foreign professionals in Italy to fulfill the demand so if they meet all the requirements and have the relevant documentation, can occupy these work places easily.
In this article we will tell you what is required to work in Italy, which cities are those that offer more jobs and what are the areas that require foreigners.
The following are the requirements to work in Italy:
– EU passport or work visa
– Complete mastery of the Italian language.
– Have a job or apply for a job that is asked by the government of Italy
– Experience more than three years
– Certification of criminal record
– Employment contract
Additionally there are professions that require validation in order to perform in Italy. Having a second language besides Italian, preferably English, will give you more chances to get a job. Finally do not forget that the work experience must be supported with the respective certificates.
The different types of employment vary according to the preparation of applicants. For those who have not done any kind of study, the increased demand will find it in construction and industry. Within the field of construction of buildings include workers in industries and different operators whether for textile, automotive, food processing, etc.
Applicants who have technical degrees, find the greatest potential in the automotive industry, which requires many mechanical and electrical technicians. Additionally there is work for maintenance technicians, welders and technicians in technical appliances.
Something to note is the high demand for nurses is in Italy. Italy requires these to be able to fulfill the demand of hospitals, whether state or private, in nursing are also required at homes by individuals. To work as a nurse in this country you just have to show complete studies and have a minimum of one year experience. To have greater job opportunities should be available to the specialty of geriatrics.
Applicants who have careers will find more choice in the area of administration and sales. In Italy are required professionals with degrees in different fields of management, marketing and advertising, Industrial Engineers and System Engineers. Additionally Italy, as a member of the European Community is committed to the environment, which should optimize their industries to reduce environmental impact in this field include Environmental Engineers.
In the biggest cities and industry in Italy are offered greater job opportunities and within these include Milan, Naples, Rome and Turin. These cities, along with Florence and Venice are the most visited tourist destinations in the country.
To find a job in Italy should enter any of the job portals available on the Internet. We recommend the following:
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