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Nurses are a very vital part in hospitals as they care and are the first to receive patients and take note of the symptoms; they also make some companion to these at each stage to take them back to health, providing her care and attention.
It is for this reason that to be a nurse you must have a high sense of responsibility and especially of mercy for all patients carry a little peace and quiet. Nurses are women doing very important work in our society and therefore deserve a great tribute.
One that has been created is the day of this month nurse and it expresses our gratitude for their hard work either in hospitals or small clinics and health centers.
The Nurses Day is an international celebration and it’s known that had its origins in the United States, more precisely on May 12th, 1974 as a tribute to Florence Nightingaley, who was the first person to conceive the concept of nursing. Today this global celebration has become though the date which is celebrated varies from nation to nation. Thus we have, among others, in Peru is celebrated on August 30th, in Argentina on November 21th and in Mexico on January 6th.
To pay tribute to the nurses, many institutions whether public or private organize different activities. These may include a small meeting at which they are made public congratulations are given as well as a small present. Almost all the celebrations are short because health centers can not suspend their activities for long.
In most places it’s highlighted the work of some nurses as those who are mothers, those with greater seniority and noted for their quality in their work.
If someone in your family or friends is a nurse, you must take this important date to send a congratulatory message. Here we leave some examples for you to choose which to send.
:: “Your vocation is to service to all patients and therefore we can see that you have a wonderful heart, congratulations on the day of the nurse and that all your dreams come true”.
:: “ I send a special greeting as today is the day of the nurses, congratulations for choosing a vocation as noble and important as this is, thanks to you many people have regained their faith and hope and have managed to heal”.
:: “With that white uniform you wear and with that wonderful expression, you resemble one of the angels of God who came to take care of all patients. Have a happy day next to your teammates and all you really love”.
:: “You perform one of the noblest tasks that may be because you give a little comfort and peace to all the patients and help them in their recovery, congratulations on Nurses Day”
Remember the importance of the work of nurses and that they deserve to be recognized for that reason you may send your greetings and congratulations on their day.
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