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A professional profile is defined as a review that describes roughly the knowledge and experience that a person has gained through his professional life. It could be said that a professional profile is a summary of a Curriculum Vitae; the difference is that the latter has not the supporting documents. Sometimes the professional profile is also called undocumented CV.
The latter does not include labor certifications or studies support and this is because, this document is generated in web pages in which you can’t upload heavy files, in order the companies to be able to seek for a professional profile easily.
Here are the most used websites in which you can develop a profile that can be seen by hundreds of companies that are seeking professionals.
This page serves as a social network for professionals and companies in which they can share information, job opportunities, etc.. Once you are registered on this page you can develop your professional profile, which it will be available not only for companies in your country but also for foreign companies and thus your chances of finding a job will be much greater. The website is
By completing your registration on this network, you will be enabled to develop a profile which can be viewed by companies or individuals who are interested in your services. You also have the option to share your experiences and information with other professionals and of course you can check the job offerings that adjust to your profile. To know more about XING, you can visit the website on
Nowadays, most companies make an extensive search to find the best professionals and link them, so these web pages or networks play an important role in the search of these companies. This happens because employers can search easier and faster and find profiles of professionals to adjust to their needs. Additionally, making use of these professional networks the companies may contact applicants in order to summon to their recruitment processes.
It is true that these networks like LinkedIn or XING have an intuitive feature that allows users to get help during the preparation of the profile, even though, it is worth you to consider the following guidelines.
First, be sure to complete your personal information, names, last names and mobile (both places) your email (be sure to write it correctly). You will find a quantity of empty boxes that have marks which are obligatory to fill and some others that don’t have marks so their filling is optional (avoid filling these ones).
Do not forget to talk about your work experience following a timeline, starting with the oldest and ending with the most recent. Put the time worked also as the position you took charge of (it is enough to place the last three).
When you get to the blanks to talk about studies, don’t forget to mention the start and end dates (if they are ongoing or are inconclusive mention it). Also, in the blanks destined to career goals, it is very important to mention at least one of your short term and long term goals.
Do not forget that you must write it in a clear and simple way, in order to interested people can easily find the important information.
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